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Today it is so hard to choose the most suitable and comfortable messenger for virtual communication. It is difficult not because there are few good ones, but on the contrary there are a lot of different and quite similar messengers and apps for chatting, and this big quantity makes you feel puzzled and take much time to choose.

Track-Viber Viber is a well-known application for quick texting which is absolutely free of charge. It is favorite for many people in the world because of its friendly interface and possibility to keep in touch with all persons in your list of phone contacts, who have this app on their devices. Also Viber lets you not only exchange short messages but call to each other without payment through free internet connection. It has funny stickers and smiles which make conversations more emotional. People use Viber for quick chatting: it is very easy to send and receive short messages, it reminds a real conversation, it is easy to send your just-made photos, short videos to show your friends and relatives what you’re doing right now. You can take a picture of a recipe or an instruction or a goods and send it to your friend as quick as possible, it is very convenient and easy.

By means of Viber you can take video calls with your beloved ones all over the world.

You can download funny pictures and games. You can set a group of some people which will communicate all together: it suits for friendly families which want to be aware of everything what happens with their relatives. So Viber is a really perfect IM-messenger for quick virtual communication.

What is Viber spying?

Viber is a good thing for keeping in touch with friends, parents and beloved ones, but when it becomes a tool for secret texting and undercover communication here some suspicions and problems take place. As an app for private chatting Viber can be used anywhere and anytime.

And when your boy-friend or wife or child prefers to text Viber messages instead of talking to you, when she or he hides his/her phone from you, it is high time to think about some kind of spying.

A good Viber spying app is really difficult to find. But we will name and describe the best of them in this article. Now let’s just fact that Viber spying is possible and it means that you will be able to see all chats and calls data from your target’s Viber profile. It happens in the following way: a spy application is installed on your and your victim’s devices (installation takes few minutes, so you’ll probably be able to take your child’s of lover’s phone for some minutes). The target will never know about your spying because a spy app is hidden from the settings and works remotely and undetected. It transfers all Viber data from your target device to your control panel.

What Viber spy app is free?

Viber Spy You can find some Viber spy software for free in Internet, just because you can find everything in it. But truly there are no free spying applications at all, and free apps, which you will find, will be fake or fraud. Really any professional spying software is a complex of different technical decisions and personal resources which cannot be free of charge. So if you want a well-qualified and guaranteed spy software, you should visit only official websites where it is quite possible to see demo versions with some technical features and see in what way the control panel looks like. These test versions are absolutely free.

What is the best Viber spy app?

Let’s point the fact that any Viber trackers which exist nowadays can be installed only on Android or IOS. Android gadgets must be rooted and IPhone and Ipad should be jailbroken. The spy apps are always improving and may be soon it will be not necessary. Now on the Internet spy software market the greatest Viber spy apps are considered to be FlexiSpy, mSpy and Mobistealth. They all have a perfect sum of technical features for Viber monitoring:

  • Access to all incoming and out going text messages thro Viber;

  • Calls tracking with all additional information about number, time and duration;

  • Monitoring of all numbers, contacts, dates of calls and chats which are transferred by means of Viber.

Talking about Viber spying these three applications (mSpy, Monistealth and FlexiSpy) are quite similar in features and differ only with prices and other functional tools. They are best ones among others and guarantee perfect results: you will get all data of your target’s Viber activities: calls and messages. And they will give you opportunity to spy your beloved ones without any harm and intervention in their privacy, but you will be calm and confident. You will be always aware of your child’s or relative’s Viber activity and surely know if there is anything suspicious in his/her Viber chatting. So let one of these top Viber spy apps 2016 be a good friend of yours to ruin all your distrust towards your beloved ones.


  1. Kelly says:

    And what about calls in Viber? Here is written only about call details such as number, time and duration. But which of these apps can provide call recording also? Why are there so few features for Viber spying? Does it mean that Viber has a security system which is more progressive than any other messenger has? My husband uses this app very often, and he uses all its features: chatting, both video and voice calls, video messages. So it’s not enough for me to have spying app with only few features. Spying software makers should think about improving their app.

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