How to Track Viber Messages on iPhone?

Viber may be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets or even laptops and work between the devices with Viber installed. People love it for free messages, calls and fast data exchange.

Before You Start to Track Viber Messages on iPhone

Track Viber Messages on iPhoneThe easiest way to track Viber Messages on iPhone is to install a spying app on the target device. If you are concerned about your kids, employees and spouses and want to know everything about their secret life spying apps may be the best solution.

Note the following matters before installation:

  • Make sure you use the software according to the local legislation. For example, you cannot spy on your employee without him or her knowing about it.

  • SMS tracking apps are not free, but most of them offer demo versions to their customers.

  • Check the app’s compatibility with your target device and make sure the chosen app has a corresponding feature. Almost all apps support iOS devices, however, in some cases they should be jailbroken.

  • All the apps are hidden; however, there may be some “side effects”: the target device will be more heated, or battery life will run out quicker.

Installation and Jailbreaking

How do spying apps work and why do you need to install one of them?

As soon as you purchase the spying app (or use a demo version) to track Viber messages on iPhone you will need the target device for a couple of minutes to install it. It is not possible to activate spying software by sending a message or in other ways. Upon installation choose the data and applications you want to monitor (in addition to Viber it may be Skype, email or GPS location). The data will be uploaded to the server and you will be able to see it through any browser by logging in at Control Panel. The target device should be connected to WiFi to download the data.

Note, that in most cases the target iPhone must be jailbroken (Cydia icon indicates to it). If you don’t know how to jailbreak the device, have a look at the detailed instructions on the Internet. The procedure is quite simple and won’t take much time.

For example, let’s try to install mSpy. First of all, tap Cydia icon and launch it. Then find and add it to Cydia. Choose the spying package from source for installation. Create your account upon installation. The program can be removed remotely, just send an SMS command to the target phone.

If you have some difficulties with the installation and have a limited time for access to the target device, consult the support service and try a demo version on another device.

Spying Viber Features

If you want to start with spying on Viber, find out what features are offered. For example, mSpy has the following features:

  • You can view all chat conversation including all names and a number of contacts.
  • Time and date of each chat are also visible on your Control Panel.
  • You’ll be able to see all files including photos and videos which were sent or received by your target device.
  • Spying on call logs including their duration and phone numbers.

Additional Features

Track Viber Messages on iPhoneIn addition to Viber tracking, mSpy and other spying programs offer the following features:

  • Location of phone position.
  • Tracking on social network and messengers: Skype, Yahoo, Facebook, Telegram and many others.
  • Email and SMS tracking.
  • Recording of phone calls and viewing contact list.
  • Listening to surrounding environment and recording it.
  • Spying on websites’ history.
  • Access to all media files and installed applications.
  • Notification on changed SIM card.
  • External Storage Manager.

Which Program to Choose?

There are a variety of spying programs on the market today: mSpy, FlexiSpy and many others. Your final decision will depend on your goals, i.e. mobile applications you are going to monitor. It may be media files, GPS location, messengers, web history or blocking hazardous sites. Contact a support team or visit apps’ official web-sites to find out whether an app or the target iPhone is supported.


  1. Stanley says:

    The question is: is there some opportunity to watch Viber video-chats when they actually occur? I haven’t found this information. It would also be great, if I could get some notifications if new chats came over my wife’s phone…

    • smstrackerapps says:

      Hello Stanley,

      Viber video chats can be tracked with the help of SpyEra tracking app. Check the review of this spyware here.

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