How to track Viber messages on Android?

As one of the favourite applications all over the world, Viber is truly the most practical mobile messenger. Whether you text or exchange photos, it is totally free. However, sometimes the absence of limits is so tempting that chatting can turn into cheating. And this makes you wonder how to track Viber messages on Android.

The Need to Track Viber Messages on Android

track-viber-messages-on-android-3Most people have a good reason to spy on Viber chats. Sometimes you doubt your partner’s loyalty and want to make sure that he or she isn’t viewing saucy pictures or even secretly sexting some of their friends. If you lack proof, it is pointless to confront them directly. Instead, you could spare the worrying, and avoid aggressive arguments by simply installing a mobile spy and figuring out how to track Viber messages on Android.

Kids are also huge fans of online communication. Being too young, they cannot see the danger, often giving out too much personal information or posting private pictures for everyone to see. If you want to keep your children safe and protect them from suspicious texting friends, you should learn how to track Viber messages on Android.

Is the Spy App Really Invisible

There is no need to worry that the target person will suddenly realize his Android is being spied on. All available spy apps can run on a target device for a long time, staying undetected. You do not need to have constant direct access to the tracked mobile as well. The only thing you need to do is create an account online. It will be connected to the control panel, and as soon as you log in, the program begins the spying process. Then, every time you want to view the tracked data, you simply connect to the Internet and look through updated texts or files.

Which Spy to Choose to Track Viber Messages on Android

track-viber-messages-on-android-2Nowadays, there are several spying apps, which will allow you to have total control over somebody’s Viber activity and track Viber messages on Android.

mSpy is a common tracker that lets you not only to spy Viber messages on Android, both sent and received, but also shows you the names of interlocutors and their contact details, including their numbers. Its biggest advantage is convenient design. All the tracked messages will be redirected to a special online control panel. You will be able to view all of them whenever you have time, simply by getting online. Thus, you can monitor your partner’s or your children’s Viber activities 24/7 and get immediate updates from any place with online connection.

Another useful app is SpyEra message tracker. If you want to know how to track Viber messages on Android, it will provide you with all the texts of a target user. Each tracked conversation will be marked with the date and the exact time it was sent. Another option allows you to track not only chatting itself, but also all media files, including exchanged pictures, audio files and even short video messages.

Is a Tracking App the Only Way to Track Viber Messages on Android?

track-viber-messages-on-androidIf you are a computer user with advanced technical skills, you can learn how to track Viber messages on Android by receiving a database Viber application of the tracked device. This way you will need to use RootExplorer to get such an app. You can do it by using the following path: /data/data/com.viber.voip/databases and the name: viber_messages. If you are a skilled programmer, you can write a basic app that will be able to capture Viber notifications. However, such an app will only catch incoming Viber texts. It is basically a replica of the target account, only on your phone. It will notify you each time the target person receives a new message.

I Have Installed a Spy – What’s Next?

When you install a Viber tracker on a target Android, you get access to online control panel. All the tracked data, including texts and media files is stored there. Then, each time the target user exchanges files or starts a new chat in Viber, you will receive a notice on your mobile. You can watch the tracked conversations whenever it is convenient by logging in to this panel.

Invisible and Aware

Unlimited talking in Viber becomes a problem when it brings doubts. If you want to protect the people you care about and monitor somebody’s Viber chats, a spy app is a must-have. Easy to install, it is absolutely safe to use, and you can be sure you will remain invisible but will always know the truth.

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