Start your travelling in the world of SMS spy apps from vital questions:

  • SMS-tracking What’s the model of the target device and will the app be compatible with it? For example, you should know, that iOS devices need jailbreaking before the installation of something that Apple doesn’t officially approve. SMS tracker apps are on the list here.

  • Will the app provide me with certain features? In addition, how many of them do I really need? You may probably need a basic set of options or, probably, you gonna need some special functions (like real-life spying on the conversations or a possibility to remotely remove files and applications from the target device).

  • What if I need help? Officially approved tracking apps usually have a 24-hour technical support on the phone, in live chat, Skype or through e-mails. Don’t forget to check this info on the official website of each SMS tracking app you’re interested in.

  • What if it doesn’t work the way I want it to? If the app you bought doesn’t work properly, the way it was promised to work or doesn’t provide you with needed functions, you can get your money back. However, don’t forget to check this info on the official webpages of tracking software beforehand.

More Key Points

There’s always something you can miss, so don’t forget to check this out:


Spy apps are installed only directly on the target device. If someone promises you remote installation, he’s a certain scam. You need to physically hold the device for a short period of installation to get the results.

The only remote way you can get access to the target device is to get the login-password personal details. But it’s kinda tricky and totally illegal.

iOS and Jailbreaking

mSpy-Whatsapp You can’t buy a SMS monitoring app in App Store. Tracking is considered to be illegal, that’s why Apple did their best to maximally protect their devices from unstable software. But there’s always the way if you’re an experienced iPhone user. If not, you gonna need specialized help from those who can. And this type of help is as illegal as installing spy apps.

Some of the spyware demands constant access to the operating system on a certain level and to the parts of the device itself. So, be careful and think twice before you decide to buy a SMS tracking app for an iOS device. Make sure you’ll be able to install it before you buy something.

Internet Connection

If you need to get up-to-date info on the activity of the target device, make sure that it has a stable internet connection. Without it, you won’t be able to use the features you want. If internet connection is disabled for some reason, you won’t get the info about incoming and outcoming calls and SMS.

Attention! Scam!

The world of internet marketing is filled with swindlers and it’s better be prepared to expect a mass of unpleasant stuff. What should you take into consideration before you buy a SMS tracker?

First, dishonest vendors are always boasting so much that it makes a typical spy app look unbelievably magical. Remember, all spy apps are generally the same – you choose them according to the operating system you use and the price (that is also usually fairly similar). Each individual tracking software may have a specific unique function that makes it a bit different in the mass of others, but an app can’t have ALL of the possible options at once and at low price. All of the extra functions are pricy.

Second, stay away from the companies promising you stable spying possibilities through Bluetooth. Moreover, don’t buy anything if someone promises you full installation process through Bluetooth.

Third, don’t buy a spyware if the vendor’s only way to get payment is through credit cards. Legal vendors provide their buyers with a large choice of payment methods, including PayPal and Webmoney, cause these electronic payment systems demand identification and stay away from the swindlers.

Buy SMS Tracker App for Legal Actions

mspy-sms-tracker Don’t forget that legal tracking on the phone is possible only if you spy on your kids and track the activity of your employees (but only in case that they signed a contract with this requirement, so that they are aware of that).

Bottom Line

Wanna be successful in getting an appropriate SMS tracker? Check this out:

  1. Compatibility;
  2. Functionality;
  3. Price;
  4. Support;
  5. Money back guarantee;
  6. Possible scam.

Yep, and don’t forget to read out the comments and check our website for feedback about the sellers. It will save you half the money and half the trouble.