TheOneSpy is an app that is well-designed, has a reasonable price and quite easy for installation and day-to-day use.

TheOneSpy general information

theonespy-reviewTheOneSpy is a spying program with lots of features and almost full access to the target phone. The trademark belongs to Ox-i-Gen Inc. What do you need the app for? It is mostly used to control children, spouses, partners or employees. If you are worried about work performance or your kid’s behavior it is the best way to find the truth.  You will be able to spy on phones invisibly and remotely.

The app is compatible with all Android versions, iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Blackberry running OS 5.0 to 6.x. After the installation you will get an account with a control panel.

First of all, let’s have a look at standard features:

  • Tracking of the user’s calls including call history and calling location.
  • Tracking of GPS location, location history and travel routes.
  • Full access to photos and videos of the target device including media files received from messengers. You will be able to listen to voice recordings as well.
  • Monitoring the apps installed on the phone. You will have an opportunity to track all the apps and block them if you need from your control panel.
  • Spying on calendar activities (schedules, appointments, address book, reminders, calendar entries and notes).
  • Monitoring internet activities. You will see every web-site visited, browsing history and bookmarks.

TheOneSpy Messenger Tracker

Messenger tracking should be specified separately as many kids, teens or employees usually prefer text messaging to calls.

  • Spying on SMS. In addition to standard SMS tracking it is possible to monitor iMessages and PIN messages.
  • Full access to Gmail.
  • Checking out the written chats and audio conversations on WhatsApp and Viber. Access to the contact list, the date and time of any activities.
  • Do you kids or employees use Facebook? Track all friend lists, conversations, as well as date and time stamps.
  • Monitoring of Skype logs: full access to all chats, contact list, audio and video calls, exchanged media files and sent documents.
  • Capture all messaging and call records of Line Chat and Yahoo.

TheOneSpy – Outstanding Functions

the-one-spy-SoftUnlike other spying software TheOneSpy has a list of outstanding functions which are new on the market.

  • Microphone and camera bug. An amazing opportunity to listen to and record the sounds which surround the target device. It uploads both voices and any sounds. Camera bug feature helps to view the surroundings of the user.
  • Remote control which includes blocking internet and texting while driving and blocking strangers’ incoming calls.
  • Notification of SIM change. Whenever the SIM card is changed you get an instant alert notification via SMS or email.
  • Remote commands for SMS. You can send command to the target device like starting, pausing or stopping apps or operating with a microphone.
  • Support for multiple platforms. No need to purchase a new license: switch between devices working on different platforms.  

TheOneSpy – Pros and Cons

What are advantages and disadvantages that should be mentioned?


  • The program offers all the traditional tracking features and different kinds of data from calls and GPS to messengers and files.
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS and Blackberry.
  • The program’s web-site offers a demo-version so that the customers could decide whether the product is appropriate to them.
  • Multiple device installation is available.
  • Bugging a microphone and camera for more detailed monitoring. Ability to listen to the phone’s surroundings.
  • Smart looking and user-friendly design.
  • Ability to see all the apps installed on the target device.
  • Remote SMS control and command, i.e. if the internet is not available, you can still do some operations (wiping the data, locking and unlocking, pausing and stopping apps, etc.).
  • Good support team (phone numbers, e-mail, physical address, social network and tickets for contacts).


  • If you use iOS the device should be jailbroken to install the app.
  • Not all messengers are supported.

Programmers are working hard to eliminate any disadvantages of the app and add new features (i.e. tracking messengers, installation without rooting, viewing the appointments).

To sum up

As you may see, TheOneSpy offers a complete access to the target phone’s data. It is installed easily and works in a stealth mode. Try a demo version before installing the application and getting in control. The software has flexible term plans (a few months or a full year). The app is a good option for fast instant reporting.

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