spyera-reviewThe amount and quality of spywares is constantly growing. You never know when you’ll have to use this or that spy app. Computers and smartphones absorbed our personal lives. Users still believe that what they do online is inaccessible, but is it really so? Today we’re going to make a short review on the functions and special options of SpyEra tracking software.

SpyEra General Information

SpyEra (recently created in Hong Kong) was invented by a group of creative thinkers who are always up-to-date in the world of digital technologies. It offers a number of outstanding functions and is compatible with all existing mobile operating systems (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows and more). It easy to get and install. The app demands preliminary installation on the target device, which sometimes may be kinda tricky (iPhones need jailbreaking, which is not legal, of course, that’s a big drawback).

Unfortunately, the app is quite pricy, but most users say that all the options included in the app worth it. You’ll find the exact price and possible discounts on the official page of the app.

How is it installed?

SpyEra is installed directly into the target phone or tablet – remote installation is impossible.

You’ll need about two minutes to download and install it – that’s simple.

After you buy the program, you get the welcome email with details on where to download and how to install the app. You simply start the installation from the target device using the link sent in the welcome email. Be sure to provide the device with stable internet connection.

You use your personal id details to get the access to the target device through the control panel in your web account.

What are the main options?

  • You’ll be able to listen to live conversations after receiving a secret SMS;

  • You’ll get a possibility to make spy calls;

  • You’ll manage to record the conversations from the chosen phone numbers. Call records will be automatically sent into your personal SpyEra account;

  • IM spy (read further to know more);

  • Emails tracking;

  • Remote ambient recording – you’ll be able to either listen to the surroundings or record them if you need;

  • GPS tracking – you’ll get the location of the target device no matter where it is and where you are – that’s cool if you are a caring and worried parent;

  • All the media from the target device will be downloaded right into your personal account (even if the user immediately deleted some of the files);

  • You’ll get all the logins and passwords used on web resources and in applications;

  • Full remote control of the device is now possible;

  • You’ll get and alert about changing the SIM card.

This is a set of basic options, but what makes SpyEra unique? Read further.

SpyEra Messenger Tracker

SpyEra has a very developed messenger tracking options. Being compatible with most popular platfroms, it will give its users access to all of the popular messengers. You’ll always be aware of the messages, media and emoticons sent. All types of IM chats are supported, they are:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • BBM (BlackBerry built-in messenger)
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WeChat
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • iMessage and more…

Of course, basic SMS tracking function is also included. Consult the official SpyEra webpage for more info.

SpyEra Outstanding Functions

Some certain options make SpyEra different in the world of spyware.

  • BBM tracking. Not all the spy apps can do this;

  • SpyEra can monitor multiple devices – you’ll be able to monitor every device your kid is using or you’ll manage to track the activity of a group of employees;

  • Remote control of the device – you’ll be able to install and delete the apps remotely, delete messages and contacts or end up calls remotely.

SpyEra Pros and Cons



  • User-friendly – easy to download, easy to install and easy to use;

  • It has all the possible spying features;

  • Compatible with all mobile platforms;

  • One app can be used on many devices at once;

  • Allows monitoring multiple people.

  • Difficult to install on iOS device. You’ll have to jailbreak the device before you can use SpyEra;

  • Rather expensive. But users say that this is not actually a drawback, cause all the features included worth the price;

  • Doesn’t have a possibility to control the device without preliminary installation – the app is only installed directly on the target device.

To sum it up, SpyEra is great for those who want to get all possible features in one application. It’s a bit pricy, but it offers convenience and good functionality. It’s stable. It has standout features that can certainly help to tip the scales when you don’t know what to choose in this vast variety of mobile spy apps. The only drawback is that iOS users will have to jailbreak their devices before installation, but this drawback is typical for almost all spyware existing.

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