How to Spy Viber Messages for Free?

Viber is extremely popular and there’s always a way to track its activity. It’s possible both on phones and on tablets. Here’s what you need to know.

Viber Messages

spy-viber-messages-for-freeNot every parent knows about Viber and what we know may turn out to be extremely useful. What is it? It’s one of the most popular instant messengers allowing usual calls, video chats, texting and sending different types of media using internet connection. It’s now available for all operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Viber can also synchronize with other mobile devices. The only thing you’ll need is a stable internet connection. It seriously economizes you expenses – this is what makes Viber so attractive. Besides, Viber (just like Skype and iMessenger) is interested in keeping your private life private. The technology of spy Viber messages for free is complex and available only with certain SMS spy apps.

Why Do You Need to Spy Viber Messages for Free?

You never know when it may become useful, but if you’re a caring mom of a big family with growing kids and misbehaving teenagers or if you’re an owner of a successfully developing business, you’ll understand it. If you’ve made up your mind that you need to protect your nearest and dearest or if you simply care about your intellectual property, you’ll read this article till the end.

How Does It Work?

This type of technology is quite new – not all the tracking apps can spy Viber messages for free. The trouble is that Viber is sensitive to all types of monitoring as it was invented to protect your privacy. All of the spy apps dealing with Viber can be used only on jailbroken or rooted devices, cause spying on someone isn’t practically legal.

Not Legal?

Well, not really. If you’re willing to track the activity of your kid actively using a new device or the activity of your employees spending too much time surfing the net and chatting, it’s possible. The only thing you need to remember is that if it’s about your employees, you’ll have to make them sign a contract, where this option is pointed out so they’re always aware of being tracked. If they’ve got nothing to hide away, they’ll agree to this condition.

What Apps Will  Spy Viber Messages for Free?

spy-viber-messages-for-freeFlexiSpy was the first to create this option, so it’s a lot more stable than the others. mSpy also works well here. If Viber isn’t your primary aim, check for the full reviews of the tracking apps in order to evaluate their stability, price and the set of options. Never be in a hurry while picking out an app suiting your needs.

What Are You Going To Get?

  • Text messages, all of them, send and received;
  • Time and date info of Viber activity;
  • Phone numbers and call duration.

Actual recording of conversations is unavailable, however, Viber monitoring is as complete as it’s possible.

Viber tracking is only a single option in the list of other possibilities. Typical spy apps usually provide you with basic options like SMS tracking, spying on calls and instant chat messengers, browser history and installed apps info. However, Viber tracking is a unique option provided by a restricted list of apps. Besides, remember – you’ll have to root or jailbreak your device for that, which may be kinda tricky for unexperienced users.

Is It Expensive and What about the Guaranty?

It always is pricy. Whenever you need to get the real quality, you should realize that safe tracking technology cannot be cheap. Of course, the majority of tracking apps (including mSpy) has a free demo version to try, but it’s very restricted, and instant messengers like Viber, WhatsApp and Skype aren’t allowed in the demo.

However, you should also remember that all of the expensive spy apps have a satisfaction guarantee or a money-back guarantee. It gives you a chance to get your money back in case if you’re not satisfied with the service provided. mSpy and FlexiSpy both have this option.

Bottom Line

Viber is a free, but a highly protected app that is almost impossible to be tracked. However, FlexiSpy and mSpy have this option, which makes these spy apps stand out of the mass of similar spy apps. They are pricy enough, but they’re sensible with a set of useful options for your satisfaction. If not satisfied, you can get your money back, cause these apps provide you with a money back guarantee.

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