The development of technologies over past 20 years went so far that even cheating in relationship got completely new forms.

Social media platforms like Snapchat give us numerous possibilities to sneak around without the partner finding out.

Snapchat is one of the apps used for cheating, so it is better to know who your partner is snapchatting with by using the methods described below.

Snapchat cheating. Is it real?

catch someone cheating on Snapchat

Main feature of Snapchat app is a possibility to post pictures and videos for a limited time. Additionally it allows users to exchange private messages and here goes the way for the cheaters.

It doesn’t mean your partner went to the social network to intentionally find someone else, but we cannot deny the fact it can easily happen, especially in Snapchat. Comparing to other social media providing different types of often informative content, this app is mainly used for disappearing messages and videos. Your partner may share private inappropriate content to a stranger.

Some might disagree saying that it’s all ok as long as your lover is not seeing anyone. But in a serious relationship being extra intimidate with someone else is also a form of betrayal. Just recollect how the things started for you and your partner and you’ll see that spending a night texting to someone might be definitely considered as a sign of strong affection and, as sad as it sounds, cheating.

Snapchat cheating signs that your partner might cheat on you with Snapchat

Before getting paranoid try to look at the situation clearly. Not every usage of Snapchat means cheating, but there are many indirect signs that may show partners unfaithfulness.

  1. Your relationship changed a lot lately. You don’t have as many fun and enjoyable moments together as before, your lover seems to be distant and no longer sharing with you enough time and private details of life.

  2. Relationship moved in the list of your spouse’s (boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s) priorities. More and more often they prefer to stay at work or chill with their friends other than have sweet and private time with you.

  3. They became too possessive about their cell phone and don’t want to share what they are doing online with you anymore even if you ask. Maybe they even changed a passcode so you cannot access the device without permission.

  4. Your best half becomes extra sensitive or attentive without a reason. Guilt makes people act strangely, being nicer than usually. It doesn’t mean if your boyfriend suddenly bought flowers he had an affair with someone, but sudden mood changes can say something along with other signs.

  5. They spend an excessive amount of time on Snapchat, but whenever you trying to see what is so exciting there, you find nothing.

  6. In the list of apps contacts you’re not the first anymore. When you partner prefers to speak for hours with someone on Snapchat instead of talking to you, it doesn’t just look suspicious, it shows that feelings toward you might cooled down.

Any of those signs alone is a red alert saying your relationships needs extra attention. But all together it almost definitely shows – something is wrong. If you don’t think direct confrontation will work, you must be able to find a proof.

Methods to Find Out Who Your Partner is Snapchatting

Even though social media considered to be private environment which can’t be breached, there are still ways to spy on someone’s Snapchat. It may not feel ethically correct, but it could be the only way to know the truth.

You know your partner spends a lot of time in Snapchat but you do not see anything published

Everyone knows that Snapchat deletes messages after some time. This makes it the perfect place for cheating without leaving any proof. If you know your partner is using Snapchat and there are no active messages, this might be an alarming sign.

Your partner has an unfamiliar contact with emojis next to its name

If an unfamiliar contact from your partner’s friend list has emojis next to his name, this means that there has been some interaction between them. Frequent interaction changes the displayed emojis.

Look with whom your partner has a longstanding Snapstreak

A Snapstreak appears when two users send each other at least one snap every 24 hours during at least three days in a row. An emoji with the number of days a snapstreak has been kept appears near their usernames. The longer the streak, the more worried you should be.

Watch for unfamiliar contacts with emojis among your partner’s friend list

Emojis near usernames show how often two persons interact with each other. A red heart emoji would indicate that your partner has been frequently messaging that contact for more than two weeks.

Take a look at their Snapchat friends

If your partner keeps chatting and exchanging media with people you don’t know it could be suspicious. Emoji next to the users name in Snapchat can also say a lot. For example if 10 appears next to the friend’s nickname it means users where exchanging snaps for 10 days in a row. If you’re not familiar with the person and have no clue about the conversation, it definitely shows something is happening behind your back.

View Snap Map

This feature of the app allows users to see where their friends are on the map. If you have your Snapchat installed, just check where your lover is – exploring the world in inappropriate places with a new crush or being where he or she said they were going to be.

The only obstacle is that any user can switch the option off.

Unless your partner has hidden their activity on the Snap Map, you will be able to see them on an interactive map. If this option is off, this might mean that your boyfriend or girlfriend has something to hide.

Use Snapchat spying app

The best way to see who your partner is snapchatting is by using spyware. This type of app will let you monitor every action happening on the account.


Spying on the others Snapchat can appear the only way to know the truth. Today developers offer numerous solutions to detect cheaters. Software like mSpy, FlexiSPY or Hoverwatch allows to track spouse’s online activity remotely. They give access to all the screens and data (photos, videos, messages, friends, stories) which will help to clear the doubts of your partner’s faithfulness.

mSpy is easy to use and it gives all the necessary data to detect a cheater or, maybe, to see your doubts have no real basis. To see your second part’s app activity you have to pay, as mSpy doesn’t give you any free options.

After installing the software, you will get remote access to partners’ messages, Snaps and Stories (they are saved even when deleted from the account), photos and videos, calls, location history, Snap Map and more! App allows to restore even disappearing messages and pictures.

Spy on cheater

Along with all the Snapchat information spy software gives an access to the Messenger, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp data. You can not only see it, but also save the screenshots and locations – in the end of the day it will be the proof of cheating your half (or an ex) cannot deny.

How to install a Snapchat tracker on the device you want to monitor?

The main issue is to install spying software without your partner knowing. Luckily it will disappear from the list of applications, so he or she will never know you sneaked into their personal space.

Find a time when they are not using their phone (while taking shower or sleeping) and be ready beforehand. 

First of all, notice that mSpy works for rooted Android and jailbroken iPhones only!

Which means you will have to remove the restrictions for installing official apps from the Google play or Appstore only.

Also your internet connection should be strong enough to finish the installation without a fail. You will also need to know their Apple ID and password which in most of the relationships never hidden or might be saved inside the system.

Create your personal account before touching your half’s phone. Save the data and wait for the right moment to put the application. After that you can track all the activities remotely.


How to find out who your partner is snapchatting for free?

There is no free spyware with Snapchat monitoring. We recommend buying a spyware subscription to use all possible monitoring features. Another option is checking with whom your partner is having an active snapstreak. Do not forget about the emoji system Snapchat uses for friends!

How to find out who my girlfriend is Snapchatting without touching her phone?

If your girlfriend uses a non-jailbroken iPhone, you can install a spyware application with the help of iCloud. Just enter the Apple ID and password in the mSpy or iKeyMonitor dashboard. The programs will do everything instead of you. Make sure her iCloud backup is activated and the 2-step verification is deactivated.

How can I monitor my boyfriend’s Snapchat secretly?

Install a spyware and hide the icon in the app settings. If your boyfriend has a non-jailbroken iPhone, you can install a monitoring app with the help of iCloud. Another option for both iOS and Android devices is finding a moment when you can use the device for at least 30 minutes and download the spyware following the instructions above.

To sum Up

The most reliable way to see whom is your partner snapchatting with is by using spyware. Besides, you get access not only to basic activities but also to deleted files, snaps, and others!

After you found a proof of your girlfriends or boyfriends lying it’s up to you what to do with this information. No one will deny – knowing the truth is always better even when it hurts.

At least now you have a chance to express your disagreement and confront the partner. You have all the rights to break up if forgiveness seems to be too hard.

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