It is easy to monitor someone’s social media but when it comes to text messages and personal information on cell phones, an advanced tracking solution is required. With the help of these spying solutions, it is possible to have an insight into someone’s private data.

Over the past few years, people have started to rely on the silent mode of communication i.e text messages. This transformation has made life easier without any doubt; however, it is always a matter of concern when someone suddenly starts to spend most of their time on cell phones or deletes their text messages.

In that situation, people opt for special tracking software solutions that help monitor text messages sent or received and in some cases even the deleted ones. A number of tracking software are available in the market, some with limited and other with advanced features depending on the users’ requirements.

What is SMS Peeper?

SMS Peeper is a web-based solution to spy incoming/outgoing messages. This SMS tracking tool claims to allow spying on text messages without having to do any installation on the target device. As per the official website, it doesn’t require any physical access to the device and with just the help of an activation code, it begins the monitoring process.

Myth or Reality_ SMS_Peeper

SMS Peeper: Myth or Reality?

There is always a doubt about modern technologies, especially mobile spying applications and their authenticity is always in question. SMS peeper doesn’t require any physical access to the target device or installation which seems too good to be true.

It is simply not possible for any application to grab the data from a cell phone in another country and hand it over to someone via internet just like that.

Firstly, personal data can only be accessible by the law enforcement authorities of that country and secondly, there are a number of reasons why it’s not possible for an efficient spy service to be free. Such as the expense of maintaining and developing the solution, keeping the messages that are being tracked, and having to pay the experts who look after these matters.

This simply raises a number of questions about the genuineness and legitimacy of this service and supports the narrative that SMS is rather just a myth. However, later in this article, the best alternatives for this service will be discussed.

How Does SMS Peeper Work?

SMS Peeper is said to monitor the text messages regularly and uploads them on the control panel. 100 messages are available on the panel at once as per the official website.

  • Physical access is not required; however, to begin spying on someone’s text messages, their phone number is needed.

  • Select the country of the target phone and enter their phone number.

  • The person monitoring their partner or kids’ cell phone enters their own email address.

  • The service then starts to populate all messages on the target device and shows the progress.

  • To view the messages, all that is required is an activation code that can be obtained by filling in the form on the official website of the tracking solution.

  • To download this code, the user is asked to go to a third-party resource and register in one of the proposed services.

  • Although the website claims that once the code is downloaded, it will show 100 messages at a time from the target device, 50 incoming and 50 outgoing messages but actually it does not provide any data.

Drawbacks of using SMS Peeper

  • Some of the drawbacks of SMS Peeper are that people might not be willing to fill out a survey that is essential in order to download the activation code.

  • It is not safe to leave personal data on unreliable websites, which might be kept and used without you being notified.

  • Most of the people nowadays are using iMessage and SMS Peeper cannot monitor those.

  • There are no positive reviews of SMS Peeper on the web and people have complained about malware being downloaded in their cell phones along with the activation code.

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Is SMS Peeper Legit?

Modern problems demand modern solutions. With the advent of modern technology, people have been exposed to many harms i.e. bullying or blackmail over text messages. This is why they are opting for the spying solutions to keep their loved ones safe.

No matter what the reason might be, spying via SMS Peeper is illegal unless and until the person who’s being watched knows about it. Text messages of children under 18 can be monitored by their parents without having any legal consequences.

Best Alternative to SMS Peeper

Apart from providing unlimited features i.e. GPS tracking, access to email and web history, multimedia and chats viewing, SMS tracking software also offer some great deals and packages that people can pick from. Some of them offer a free trial option as well.

Spy software – the better option

Spy software apps have been around for quite some time now. They provide help in spying cell phones by offering a great range of features along with SMS tracking i.e. GPS tracking, multimedia viewing, access to emails and browsing history. Monthly, quarterly and yearly packages and deals are available.

Unlike SMS peeper, downloading and installing the spy software is completely safe and there is no risk of downloading any kind of malware. The user is not asked for any personal information such as email address, country, or phone number.

Top SMS trackers

Following are some of the most reliable spy apps that offer SMS monitoring along with a number of other useful features.

mSpy logo

mSpy:This spyware helps monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages on any device even the deleted ones. Limited features can be enjoyed without any jailbreak or rooting however, in order to get full access to all applications and activities on the target device, jailbreak/rooting are required.


FlexiSPY: The following solution offers features such as reading the contents of outgoing and incoming SMS along with all other chats including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Tracking GPS, recording calls to listen to them later, and managing internet usage by blocking websites is also possible with this tracking software. It comes with Premium and Extreme Edition with different packages and deals that the users can pick from.

uMobix logo

uMobix: This spy app monitors all incoming/outgoing messages on the iOS or Android device even after they have been deleted along with other useful features. It provides remote access to calls and other applications on the device.

SMS Peeper – a good idea or not?

SMS Peeper is a scam that doesn’t provide any data of the target device, instead it asks for personal information of the user as well as the target device holder. This is why tracking software is the better and far more reliable option when it comes to keeping updated with what’s going on someone’s cell phone.

Along with being totally safe and secure, spy apps provide full access to the text messages along with monitoring other apps i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, secret chats, web browsers, and emails.

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