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Skype is one of the oldest apps connecting people all over the world for free. No wonder it is so widespread. Skype seems to be secure, but nothing can be an obstacle for modern spy apps. You can monitor Skype without jailbreaking!

Skype. How we use it

Skype is a free European software created about 12 years ago. Initially it was adapted only for voice calls using internet connection on your home PCs. However, it didn’t prevent the program from gaining worldwide popularity. Latest versions of the program allow sending messages, data, video calls and video chats (for premium users) using mobile or Wi Fi internet connection. Skype installed on mobile platforms also helps to avoid expensive international calls.

monitor-skype Short time ago loving parents and watchful chiefs had no chance to somehow spy on Skype activity. The application was securely protected from curious “undercover agents”. Today there are few apps created for monitoring Skype and other popular messengers. Spying on Skype finally became possible for some devices. So, how is it done?

What is Skype Spy

Skype spy applications help us reveal the truth about our nearest and dearest. Virtual world is quite dangerous. What can Skype Spy software do to help us? After buying and installation you’ll get a chance to:

  • Read every single Skype message;
  • Save Skype activities from a target device into your personal account or on your hard disk;
  • Track all Skype activities including media transfer and calls history;
  • Stay undetectable while being able to protect you and your nearest from cheaters.

Why would you want to spy on Skype

Of course, spying activity feels illegal and unfair. Messages But sometimes, it can prevent us from hardest of situations – you’ll never feel sorry for the things you do if you’re saving your child in a slippery situation, for example. Probably, your beloved ones are not going to cheat on you, but you can protect them from being cheated on! Your kids can be blackmailed and you’ll never know that, cause they’ll be afraid to tell you about it; your employees can spend their time on social networks and you’ll avoid any conflicts beforehand; your spouse can get caught by a swindler and you’ll be able to save your relationships before it gets worse. Trust but verify!

Is there any Skype Spy for free?

The answer is partially yes. Some spy programs give you an opportunity to try the tracking service for free for a limited period of time. The functionality will be limited too. Unfortunately, Skype Spy is usually a premium option, but if you’ve got a chance to try the program and evaluate its functionality, you’ll understand whether you really need it or not. If basic functions work well, Skype Spy is also going to work well, right?

Top 3 best Skype Spy Apps 2016

The virtual market is full of spy apps with Skype activity tracking option and if you’re new to it, you’ll have to spend too much time to sort them out. Better, try something tested and certified. These are the top popular spy apps.


A popular spy application for mobile phones and tablets. The only thing you’ll need is to get short time access to the desired phone. It is installed in about 5 minutes and doesn’t demand any special knowledge – it’s simple and functional. Can be used either from your mobile or from your home PC mSpy app:

  • Reads all types of messages and saves call logs;
  • Follows Skype history and tracks messages, calls and sent media;
  • Gets GPS location;
  • Gives the possibility to block some of the applications installed on the target phone.



skype-spying One of the cheapest apps for spying (about half a dollar a day). Installed in minutes and helps to protect your kids, control lazy or dishonest employees and save the members of your family from being cheated or bullied. Saves information into your account. Works with Skype. Can spy phones and PCs. This application:

  • Monitors sent and received messages either on PCs or mobile platforms;
  • Tracks electronic mail;
  • Follows the activity of such mobile apps as Skype, Whats App and Viber;
  • Uses GPS and gets information from the target phone in any corner of the planet.



Another popular application for spying on all types of communication through your web browser. Helps in tracking your kids and teens. Helps you protect your intellectual property and your business affairs from fraud and support your social position. FlexiSpy can:

  • Listen to the telephone conversations;
  • Track every single message, picture, CALL and video sent through Skype;
  • Reads short messages, e-mails and all messages received with Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc.
  • Gets GPS position;
  • Saves passwords used for social networks and even those that block the access to mobile applications;

Some of the spy applications can give you free unique options if you watch their advertisements or help advertise them in social networks.


  1. Nora says:

    Ain’t there a way to track and to watch Skype conversations? It would mean a lot. Not all the people nowadays talk by texts, some of them prefer calling, so they could see each other’s faces. Sentimental as it is, still true. I don’t even need a video, a recorded talk would be fine.

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