How to read text messages from another person’s phone?

Sometimes it is quite necessary to keep an eye on text messages of another person. If you have some reasons to mistrust your partner, it’s better to put clarity into your relationship. If you have kids you’d rather defend them from predators, drug dealers and other criminals. If you run a business with thousands of employees you should keep an eye on them as well, otherwise they will cheat on you.

spy-iphone So, if you have made up your mind on spying on another person’s text messages and other cell phone activities, the only thing you need is the right spy software. You install it on the target phone and become instantly aware of your victim’s private life.

The only problem here is a vast choice of spy apps. We have prepared information about three most popular spy apps which can be bought and downloaded on the phone. They are Mobistealth, Flexispy and mSpy.


Mobistealth is a good example of powerful and user-friendly spy software, allowing you to monitor another person’s text messages. This app has a vast set of features for obtaining information from the target phone secretly and smoothly. All the activities of the target phone will be recorded: text messages, GPS location, videos & photos, email, browser history, etc.

The start of Mobistealth’s work is your paying and subscribing. You receive a detailed instruction manual on installing and working with the software. Then you download it from your target phone using the installed web browser. After installing, the software runs on special stealth mode, which means that the owner of the target phone will never find this app.


Flexispy is a useful mobile tracking software with user-friendly interface. You can easily download and operate it. This app has such powerful features as interception and recording of phone calls. Moreover, it can track text messages, emails and WhatsApp Messages. Using FlexiSPY you will be able to get the keystrokes of the phone owner’s most frequently used words, including passwords. This feature is given by Password Grabber, which is a part of Flexyspy or can be bought separately.


mspy-iphone mSpy is a spy software for tracking activities of the target cell  phone. After installment, it records all the important activities, such as phone calls history, internet activities, video & photos. The app can read both the outgoing and incoming text messages every single time they are received or sent by the target cell phone. You can read them and know the sender and the time of sending.

The location of the target phone is no longer a secret for you, if you use mSpy. This software shows you the exact location of the user every time you want.

Their phone calls are also open to you. mSpy tells you about their length, the contact number and the time of calling.


All those spy apps are good but they have different features. Before choosing and buying one of them, you should decide why you need a spy software and what features it must have. Watching demo videos and using their trial versions will also be very helpful for your choice.

And only when you have answered the question about the reason of your desire to buy a spy app, you pay for it and download it on the target device. Now you know everything about it: its text messages, location, calls history and so on.

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