Mobile texting is widely used all over the world. It is quick, simple, and allows people to exchange some data that they would like to keep secret. According to the Statistic Brain data, the number of text messages sent per month has reached over 600 billion pieces.

Sometimes it is quite necessary to keep an eye on the text messages of another person. If you have some reasons to mistrust your partner, it’s better to put clarity into your relationship. If you have kids you’d rather defend them from predators, drug dealers, and other criminals.

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Reasons For Monitoring Text Messages

Since this question is interesting to you, it’s clear that you don’t trust the person who means much to you. Undoubtedly you have some strong reasons for it.

Without a doubt, people are always interested in getting more about each other. However, the reasons for monitoring someone’s device may be deeper than it seems from first sight:

Children’s protection — unfortunately, the internet is not only the source of useful things. Bullying, penetrators, phishing, — these threats are just the top of the iceberg of how the world net can negatively influence the kids’ mental and physical health. It’s necessary to read their text messages in order to prevent your son or daughter from any undesirable and dangerous contacts.

Checking trustworthiness — of course, the numbers may differ, but a lot of people do spend several hours per day on their mobile devices (learn more by visiting the page the Guardian). These gadgets contain tons of personal information. If a spouse starts behaving weirdly and chats more than ever before, this is a suspicious sign. So, people prefer using spyware to find out the truth.

Track SMS texts on someone's mobile device

It may happen that way that you can not trust your spouse or girlfriend for any particular reason. Lately, she spends way too much of her time with a phone, talking to somebody, and texting a lot. And that makes you feel that she might cheat on you. You feel like she lost her interest in you and lately, she does not respond to your love? There is an extremely easy way for you to make sure. Now with the help of one of these useful pieces of software you can easily spy on her, read her messages, and track all her incoming and outcoming calls.

Although installing spying software may only take a few minutes, there are situations when it is impossible to get access to a target phone even for a limited time. If you are in a long-distance relationship, but you feel insecure about your partner’s loyalty, the thing you need is remote spying. When your partner is traveling or going on a business trip, and you cannot get direct access to their mobile, distant spying will come in handy.

So How Can Someone Read Text Messages?

text-marketing There can be a thousand different reasons why you need to do it. You may think that loved ones are in a trouble. Or maybe you feel that the beloved one is not faithful to them anymore. No matter the ground, you will need to do the same thing – to get access to a mobile phone of a concrete person.

So, if you have made up your mind about spying on another person’s text messages and other cell phone activities, the only thing you need is the right spy software. You install it on the target phone and become instantly aware of your victim’s private life.

The only problem here is a vast choice of spy apps. We have prepared information about the three most popular spy apps which can be bought and downloaded on the phone. They are Mobistealth, Flexispy, and mSpy.

Spy software is a key to the text messages of your kid or partner. Though there is a large variety of them, their main principle is the same. You download the chosen software to the target device and it starts sending you information about its activity. With special spy apps, you will need to have a target phone just for a couple of minutes as much.

After installing one of them on the phone, you will be able to keep all necessary data on your protected account and can check it anytime you want. These applications will perfectly work on any phone model with Android or iOS.

The spy software works secretly. The owner of the target device will never discover that any spy app has been downloaded to their phone.

These apps provide dozens of different spy options, and you will be able to:

  • read text messages;
  • monitor Viber, Skype, KIK, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other instant messenger activity;
  • keep an eye on all sent, swept, and download multimedia such as video, audio, photos, and even applications;
  • collect all call logs;
  • read e-mails and chat conversations;
  • see drafts, notes, and calendar marks.

In other words, you will be able to fully control the target phone without its owner even knowing about it. As a nice bonus, this application can protect you from being tracked. Installing mSpy or FlexiSpy on your own phone, you can check if your beloved one does not trust you either.

Moreover, today people can use spy apps not only to keep an eye on their family members and friends but for stealing someone’s id, photos and data as well. In this case, any or even all of your sent photos, files, videos, and messages can be tracked and used in a bad way. Someone can post your picture and phone number on an adult site just for fun.

But it is not going to be funny for you when someone will keep on calling you in the middle of the night with dirty offers. And surely your significant one won’t be tolerant towards it. So if you don’t need to use these spy apps for tracking someone, use them for your own protection. It perfectly works both ways!

How to read someone’s text messages without installing software

Most spy applications are designed to be installed directly into a target phone. There is no way you can install such software remotely. However, several apps allow controlling SMS communication of the target phone without installing any software. This has become possible for iPhones and iPads. Such devices are connected to the iCloud system.

If the iCloud backup is activated, you can easily spy on somebody’s text messages without installing software. The system works through an online control panel that allows you to track both incoming and outgoing texts. The only thing you have to know is the Apple ID and a password of a target device. All you need to do is enter the ID and the password into the spy app and start monitoring all messages of the target user. And the best part is that they will not have a clue about it.

How does it work?

The principle of working is easy. You need to download this app, then install it on the necessary phone, and monitor data and activity.

Through these applications are not free, there are trial versions available. They are limited by time, but it will be enough for you to understand that safety and truth cost its money. 

Spy app operates via an online control panel. You can access it anytime and read all the tracked data, which is sent there as soon as it has been captured. The tracked information is stored on your online control panel, so you can access it whenever it is convenient to you.

Which spy app to use?

mSpy is spy software for tracking the activities of the target cell phone. After installment, it records all the important activities, such as phone call history, internet activities, video & photos. The app can read both the outgoing and incoming text messages every single time they are received or sent by the target cell phone. You can read them and know the sender and the time of sending.


The location of the target phone is no longer a secret for you if you use mSpy. This software shows you the exact location of the user every time you want.

Their phone calls are also open to you. mSpy tells you about their length, the contact number, and the time of calling.

Flexispy is a useful mobile tracking software with a user-friendly interface. You can easily download and operate it. This app has such powerful features as interception and recording of phone calls. Moreover, it can track text messages, emails, and WhatsApp Messages. Using FlexiSPY you will be able to get the keystrokes of the phone owner’s most frequently used words, including passwords. This feature is given by Password Grabber, which is a part of Flexyspy or can be bought separately.

How to read someone else’s text messages for free

There are no absolutely free spying applications, but a range of reliable and reputable brands do offer customers to test their services without any charges. The development of qualitative monitoring tools is a resource-consuming procedure. To make it free for users means to underestimate the creators’ work.

In this section, we have included the most productive and beneficial SMS trackers.

Hoverwatch allows to track all incoming and outcoming SMS as well as deleted text messages.

The overall tool’s functionality is varied. The users are welcome to spy on:

  • social media,
  • calls made,
  • current geolocation of a person under surveillance,
  • and many other features.

The program is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Even though Hoverwatch isn’t available for free, it offers a trial period for its followers. Besides, there are three pricing plans, so you can choose an option that suits you best. For instance, the lowest price tag is around $25 per month.

As you already know, remote installation may be possible in the case of the iOS platform only. The conclusion is obvious: Hoverwatch can’t be installed remotely.

For more details, feel free to visit the official page of the service provider:

iKeyMonitor – unlike the previous nominee, this application differentiates with an even higher compatibility level. You can select iKeyMonitor for tracking iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows gadgets.

The functionality also impresses. Apart from access to all messages (saved and deleted), a user is enabled to get access to keystrokes logger, contacts, call and browser history, etc.

Before you subscribe to the iKeyMonitor offer, you are welcome to test the program — a free trial includes all functional opportunities of the full commercial version. The service is also distinguished with its one-month money-back guarantee.

The manufacturer offers a non-jailbroken plan, which means that you may install the solution remotely. To dive into the product’s details, check out the link:


Are spy programs legal?

Users often doubt if it is OK to track someone. Well, there is only one answer to this question – you can spy on any device as long as it’s yours. So, be careful and don’t hurt other people’s feelings with overprotection

Is it possible to monitor someone’s messages without them knowing?

The spyware technologies keep on improving and become more secure for their users. One of the important aspects of their operation is their non-detectability.

Due to the special codes, monitoring solutions can perform in a so-called hidden mode on a device. In this case, the tool’s icon will be invisible to the monitored person on their gadget. It will be undetectable for the antivirus systems as well.

Can the messages be monitored in real-time mode?

Several progressive tracking applications provide customers with an opportunity to get access to SMS updated in real-time.

However, in this case, a lot depends on the target device’s functionality and the internet connection speed. So, there may be little delays before you read the monitored data.

Critical notes

Downloading spy apps and installing them on a third person’s phone can be seen as contravention and infringement. If something happens and the owner of the target phone will find out that he’s been tracking, it can end up in a bad way. As it was mentioned before, these spy apps are not shown on the list of the phone’s applications, but the owner can download alike or same spy app and in this case, he will know about everything.

One last, but not least thing should be mentioned – it is all about trust! If you track your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s phone, it can be a sign that your relationship’s been spoiled. Maybe the spy apps are not needed anymore and it is better to just talk and make things clear to both of you. But of course, in some cases, such apps can be useful and even life-saving, so it is all up to you. Let’s rephrase the old and well-knowing line: “To use, or not to use, that is the question ”.

Remember, that all spy apps must only be used for legal and private purposes. You mustn’t use intercepted SMS for any illegal purposes and violating your partner’s rights! Buying and downloading any spy app you take all responsibility for using it.

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  1. Ostin

    I really don’t understand people who are spying their spouses, but if talking about parents, it’s normal, absolutely legal and even important to read their children’s messages or check any mobile activities. Now my daughter is 6 years old only, but when she will have her first cell phone I’ll install a spying app. But for teenagers’ parents, it’s the only one way to control kids.

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      Hello Ostin,

      You are absolutely right about that.

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    I think it’s a terrible idea to spy your loved ones. If you don’t trust your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, so why are you still together? I think such kind of apps destroy relationships. Not cheating, but an absence of trust and spying apps break a couple.

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