How to read someone’s message on Facebook?

Sooner or later, one thought comes to users’ minds: how to read someone’s message on Facebook? There are two ways of doing this: with or without knowing a login and a password. Sometimes users choose the option “to remember a password”, and when you begin typing e-mail address, a password appears automatically.

Access without password

read someone’s message on FacebookWhat if you don’t know a password? Are you worried that your children chat with someone unknown to you? Are you suspecting your spouse? Is it a good idea to trust him or her blindly?


A keylogger file can be installed on the target PC. It collects information which is typed by the user and transfers directly to you. So, if the target person types a login and a password it will be known to you.

Access through Email

Email spoofing generates a mocked webpage and acquires all the necessary data. However, you will need a help of an experienced computer programmer for the first two methods.


Actually, it is a non-advisable method as there is an opportunity to be caught and spoil relationship with your loved ones.

It is much better to use spying software to read someone’s message on Facebook.

Your family members will never notice it.

Spying software

This is the safest, simplest and smartest method to control your kids or spouse. Installation takes just 5-10 minutes. When you install the spyware you will be able to see and read any data of the target mobile phone. All messenger chats, calls and any activeness on social websites will be checked.

Spying Apps

Kids mostly use mobile phones instead of PCs to connect their friends via Facebook. That is why mobile spyware is becoming more popular. Now you can easily check your loved ones by having access to all their messages and geo locations in Facebook. The other reason is to control your new employees so that to know they work as they are expected to.

An appropriate app will allow you not only to read someone’s message on Facebook, but also enjoy the other features: recording calls and getting access to the web history and GPS location. As soon as the data are uploaded to your personal account, you can get the received information anytime even if it was deleted later.

MSpy and FlexiSpy are one of the most suitable apps for these purposes.


MSpy is user-friendly software which is compatible with IOS, Windows and Android. It is accessible from any browser and is very easy to install without being detected. You will be able to read all chat messages and have an access to the tracked data on your Control Panel. MSpy is also available for PCs and allows making keylogger and screenshots. MSpy is a reputed and legal program with lots if nice usage. You will never be caught as all the access is remote and you needn’t a mobile of the target person (it is needed for installation only). The app is updated automatically and unlimited device change is available. You can choose from basic or premium versions if you want to get more control and useful features.


The app is compatible with BlackBerry, Nokia, IOS and Android. What are the key functions of FlexiSpy? It views all messages, conversation times, pictures of the target user’s friends and group chats. It has an access to all audio and video messages. You can even see emoticons and stickers! All the received data uploads automatically to your online dashboard.facebook-message

The only disadvantage is that these programs do not block or limit access to Facebook or other social networks. Unfortunately, the internet has a great influence on children who spend so much time looking through the gadgets.

Before reading someone’s message on Facebook try a demo version for free and watch video guide of the spyware.

To sum up

If you decided to read someone’s message on Facebook consider all the above mentioned methods carefully. It is very important not being detected. Otherwise you risk spoiling the relationship with kids and break your marriage completely. The mentioned apps are pretty safe, and your family members or employees won’t notice anything.


  1. Ruth says:

    Now, when I see so many opportunities for those who want to read someone’s messages and stay invisible, I’m scared that my messages are also possible to be read anytime. How to protect my Facebook account and Whatsapp chats? Does any app exist for that?

    • smstrackerapps says:

      Hello Ruth,

      Thanks for visiting our website and reading. Well, there is no app to protect your phone from spying application. However you can be attentive and do not leave your phone anywhere. In such a way, nobody will be able to install a cell phone tracker to it.

      Let me know if you have further questions
      Kind regards

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