Nowadays it is hard to imagine that your friend, partner, or associate does not have a Facebook account. We get acquainted with someone and after our first meeting, we check his or her Facebook profile to get to know much more about his/her private life. Facebook became our helper in acquaintance with another person.

There are so many accounts, profiles, groups, private photos, videos, secret messages, undercover files, and friends and privy info exchanging on Facebook. There are millions and million of pieces of secrecy and privacy, lie and covert truth.

We all have Facebook accounts: someone has it as a messenger, someone – for media files and documents exchanging, someone – for work and business, and someone – for communication with friends and other people. There are plenty of reasons why we use Facebook but at any rate, a lot of us cannot live even a day without this social network.

Social networks have become an indispensable part of our daily life. We share a large amount of information with our friends, relatives, and co-workers.

According to the platform’s statistics, by 2019, 1.52 billion users visited Facebook once a day, which is 9% more than a year earlier. The monthly audience of the social network also increased by 9% during this time and reached almost 2.50 billion people.

In this article, we shall tell you about the ways to read someone’s Facebook Messages and track their activity without them finding it out. Keep on reading to find out how that can be done!

Why You May Need to Read Facebook Messages Without the Other Person Knowing?

In some cases, it is necessary or desirable to monitor the other person’s device and read messengers of social networks including Facebook. To keep a finger on the pulse a person should learn 2 situations when it is really necessary to track someone’s messages and to keep them in secret.

Track someone's Facebook activities remotely

Parental control. Track kids’ Facebook chats to be sure they are safe. Youngsters are the weakest spot in the process of online interaction. They can’t filter information thoroughly yet. As a result, they may become manipulated, humiliated, insulted, and whatnot.

Sometimes our children, especially teenagers, have so many secrets in their social accounts that we cannot even imagine. But we cannot help them and prevent some serious problems concerning internet sexting or bullying, because we are unable to know about what, with whom, and how often our children communicate with anyone in their Facebook accounts.

Spy on your partner’s Facebook chats.

Of course, Facebook is a place for love affairs, where people look for their virtual friends, lovers, and partners for serious relations. And when suddenly your boy-friend or girl-friend begins to spend hours chatting with someone on Facebook, you are going to have a lot of mistrust and questions.

So if wishing to take the situation under control one has to track social media messages of important people around.

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook?

When it comes to hacking a Facebook account, there are several different methods, but following one rule is a must – this work should be done professionally! Here are the most effective and popular ways one can implement to track Facebook activities:

  • Trying to get access to the email used to create the Facebook account;

  • Stealing the target phone and changing password;

  • Checking out browser history and cookies to find some information about searches and visits;

  • Email spoofing generates a mocked webpage and acquires all the necessary data. However, you will need a help of an experienced computer programmer.

  • Sniffing. Actually, it is a non-advisable method as there is an opportunity to be caught and spoil your relationship with your loved ones.

Though all of these methods can somehow work, the first three ones have a major disadvantage: they don’t guarantee successful spying as well as your safety. The easiest and most reliable one is of course cell phone or PC spyware as it allows you to gain the needed information immediately and effectively, and be sure that no one will ever discover your activities.

How to log into someone else’s Facebook without them knowing?

You can log into your child’s or partner’s Facebook account without them being notified about it. However, this completely depends upon their security settings.

First of all, it is possible to see each device that is logged into an account in the security section. A user can see the OS used and end an active session. However, devices will only be seen when the account owner enters the section.

Second, if the user turns on security push-notifications, they will be notified about each login. The notifications contain information about the device and the location from which the attempt was made.

To hack a user’s password, you must have access to their email, phone number, or install spyware on their device.

In the first two options, you simply have to reset the password and delete all emails or messages so that the user wouldn’t know about it.

The third option is the most secure. You install spyware and when the owner enters the password to enter the account, it will all be recorded and saved in your control panel. If they haven’t got active notifications about login attempts, you can log into the account right away. Otherwise, it is recommended to monitor the device without login in. This will prevent any possible suspicions.

Methods to Reading Facebook Chats Secretly

You can try the following methods to spy on the other person’s Facebook:

Using login and password (of course, If you know them or can guess at once).

If having trust relations, one finds it easy to watch the partner’s smartphone and messengers. The same may take place in communicating with kids or under-tens. The elder children are, the more difficult phone showing is. That is why in some cases parents are recommended to check devices during the youngster’s short goings out.


A keylogger file can be installed on the target device. It collects information that is typed by the user and transfers it directly to you. So, if the target person types a login and a password it will be known to you.

Spying software

This is the safest, simplest, and smartest method to control your kids or spouse. Installation takes just 5-10 minutes. When you install the spyware you will be able to see and read any data of the target mobile phone. All messenger chats, calls, and any activeness on social websites will be checked.

It is much better to use spying software to read someone’s message on Facebook.

What Activities You Can Track on Facebook?

We will pay attention to the best three spying applications only, which take the first place on the spy software internet market nowadays and describe their outstanding and interesting technical features.

They all have many functional features concerning Facebook spying:

  • Facebook messenger monitoring (you will get all incoming and outgoing chat messages with all additional data: time, date, text, and name of contact);

  • Media files viewing (you will see all audio, video, image files sent and received through target’s profile);

  • Listing of all Facebook contacts (you will check with whom and how often your target chats on Facebook);

  • Access to deleted info (you will be able to look through deleted messages and media files).

This list may be prolonged, as every app offers different options. It is quite important to look through reviews and feedbacks at first to find the necessary one. A moment to remember here is that some apps may occur incompatible with the device operating system of the “object”.

It may take you much time to guess a correct login and a password. So, the spying apps are the simplest method to track the other device.

Top cell phone Spywares to read someone’s messages

What are the top spying solutions to read Facebook messages without the other person knowing? Note that most of them offer a trial version for free, and you will remain completely invisible as the app’s icons aren’t displayed.

mSpy (

mSpy is one of the most popular spying apps compatible with Android and iOS. It offers Facebook messenger monitoring, media file viewing (both sent and received ones), access to all Facebook contacts, and even to the information that has been deleted. Except for Facebook monitoring, this unique solution offers full control over the target phone and allows you to check every single activity from your own device.

Track Facebook activities with mSpy

It is an example of a well-reputed parental monitoring application, offering a wide range of options. It helps to track not only a Facebook messenger but other electronic means of communication as well. Moreover, it provides users with information about a target location, online activities, calls, and other stuff.

Hoverwatch (, for Android only)

HoverWatch is one of the best and fastest growing spyware apps. It tracks all user actions of the target device. These actions are recorded and then uploaded to the client’s personal dashboard so that they can be easily accessed and analyzed. You can also track Facebook and other messengers.

HoverWatch is another powerful spying solution that allows monitoring Facebook accounts and having complete access to chats, however, it has a drawback – currently, the system works only for Android phones.

FlexiSpy (

FlexiSpy allows users to view chat content of the most popular platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, iMessage, Blackberry pin, etc. You’ll see all the information and content including time and date, contacts, profile picture, video, photos, audio, labels, etc.

uMobix logo

uMobix allows you to see all kinds of messages on Facebook: texts, photos, videos. Even if they are deleted, they can still be accessed in the control panel.

In addition, you get to monitor the activity in all popular messaging apps, SMS, calls, GPS, and Internet activity. Available for Android and iOS.

How to install spyware on the target device to monitor Facebook activity?

To use spyware, you must first understand how to install it. Otherwise, you will not be able to monitor anyone’s account.

After you have paid for the software and received a download link, follow each step in the brief instruction below.


  1. Enter the link in any browser and download the software.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Launch the spyware and activate several features: “Prevent Uninstall”, “Keylogger”, “Tracking”, “Allow Collecting Data”, and turn off the visibility of the app icon.
  4. Return to the browser and clear its history.

Jailbroken iOS:

  1. In Cydia, enter the link received.
  2. Install the app and press “Restart”.
  3. Start the application and tune it as in the guide for Android.
  4. Use the registration code from the email to launch the software.


  1. Open the Dashboard or Control Panel of the spyware on your main device.
  2. Enter the iCloud credentials (login, password).
  3. No other steps are required.

Please note that if the iOS device has deactivated iCloud backup and activated 2-step authorization, you will have to get physical access to the device.

What are the benefits of using spyware to read Facebook Messages?

As we have already said, spyware is the best option for hacking a Facebook account. It has several benefits and some additional features.

  • Spyware lets you monitor Facebook activity without being noticed;
  • Deleted materials are available;
  • Other social media is monitored too;
  • Device status: battery, connection, etc.;
  • Device location tracking;
  • And many other useful features.

Spyware is the safest option if you do not want to get caught while tracking a Facebook account. Besides, it also provides the biggest number of additional features for a reasonable price.


Can I really hack Facebook?

In a nutshell, Facebook is not literally hacked. Only the spyware is installed and the activity of the user is monitored.

If you want to get access to the account, you must make sure that the user enters the password. It will be tracked by the Keylogger and then you can authorize yourself.

Can I read Facebook messages for free or should I buy software?

Almost all spying apps offer a free trial period. You can compare a few apps and choose the one that suits you perfectly.

FlexiSPY provides a free 24-hour trial. In addition to the features of the previous application, this spyware can also record Facebook calls. Whenever the target device makes or receives a call, you will be notified about it.

It is far better to pay for the full-featured software and use it for a month or more.

How to view someone’s chat history on Facebook Messenger?

After you install spyware on the target device, all information about the phone’s activity is stored in the Control Panel.

There you can view the chat history with text and media messages. Deleted content is included too.

Can I read Facebook messages without the other person knowing and without installing any app on the phone?

Yes, you can, if you know a login and a password.

Do the spying apps affect the workload of the target phone?

No, they don’t. Your target phone won’t slow down, and you will stay invisible.

Can the spying software be installed remotely?

No, unfortunately, it cannot. Physical access to the target device is necessary. However, the installation usually takes just 5-10 min, so it is rather easy to get the device for that time.

To Sum Up

If you decided to read someone’s messages on Facebook consider all the above-mentioned methods carefully. It is very important not to be detected. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the relationship with kids and break your marriage completely. The mentioned apps are pretty safe, and your family members or employees won’t notice anything.

The installation of a spying app is quite simple. The user can’t see any notifications that someone logged into their account. Today, the spying apps offer a wide range of functions so that you can remotely control the other person’s device.

All the content from Facebook Messenger and other applications will be sent to the spyware server. That information is available in your personal dashboard and can be viewed at any time you wish.

Now, you can control your kids or employees and resolve any conflict situations quickly and easily.

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