Can I read husband’s deleted Viber chats?

Some years ago the whole world was captured with social networks (Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Millions of people all over the planet have the accounts of one or several social nets. Every day many people exchange messages, share photos, videos, read news, gossips, comment different events, like or dislike images, pictures of other people, have private chatting and chat in groups, discuss so much information without any use.

Viber has got to you

install-viber-spyFew years ago social nets world was broken. The popularity of quick messengers became growing with a great speed, and more often people prefer to use messengers to keep in touch with their friends instead of spending their time in social networks. It is more comfortable to use messenger app in your phone and to chat with your friends and relatives by means of quick messengers especially when you can also share different photos, videos in one and the same chat without any problem. You can do it so fast: for example, you are going to the cinema and decide to share this news with your parents, you just write a short message, take a picture by your phone and send all this to your mum and dad, that’s all. You can take videos and upload them in group chats, have private conversations with your beloved ones, share your location and much more. And it is much easier than to do such kind of things using social nets. That is why messengers have become so popular. The most famous one is Viber. It has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, all necessary settings, funny smiles, a lot of stickers, winkers. It gives an opportunity to send and receive photos, videos, just-made pictures and others. You can chat in groups or make a private conversation with anyone from your phone list of contacts, who has a Viber account.

Why you want to read Viber deleted messages

Many people use Viber to be aware of their beloved ones’ lives, someone – for controlling the workers, but someone – for love affairs, sexting and different sorts of negative propaganda. And when your husband chats in Viber hours and hours long but you are here and it is absolutely sure that it’s not you he chats with – here you begin to have many questions. And there may be nothing to worry about, may be he just chats with the friends from his work or even with your relatives, but you do not know and you’ve got suspicions, and these suspicions can destroy your marriage. Of course, you can ask, but it’s absolutely sure that you will not believe because your imagination has already have any explanations for your jealousy winning. Ok, it can be not jealousy but just a wish to control and monitor your husband’s Viber chats because you think that he can be cut in any merchandising trap or other advertising and fraud captures. Of course, sometimes you have a possibility to look through your husband’s Viber chats, but what to do with deleted messages??? Your attention is grabbed especially by them, only deleted messages are full of love affairs and intimate and vulgar texts.

FlexiSpy, your helper in restoring of deleted Viber chats

Here you can find a real solution of your problems and will never again have any suspicions or jealousy. A spying application such as FlexiSpy will help you to know the truth. FlexiSpy will show you the way to your husband’s Viber deleted chats. But now let’s pay attention on what else this spy software can offer you:

  • Reading all messages in your target’ social nets and messengers, e-mails, sms, deleted ones, knowing a sender/receiver, date, time;


  • Getting information about phone calls, knowing all contacts, duration, time;
  • Access to GPS location of your target;
  • Monitoring all media files on your victim’s gadget: photos, videos, images;
  • Tracking Internet browser history;
  • Monitoring any social net activity, knowing all your victim’s virtual friends, their chatting, media files exchanging;
  • Accessing to all accounts by using keylogger, knowing all logins, passwords or any texts your target writes on his/her gadget ever.

It is not the whole list of all possible opportunities FlexiSpy will give you. You can just visit its official website and read more about all its functions and even test a demo version and look how it works.

FlexiSpy, the easiest in installation and usage

FlexiSpy has many versions for any necessary technical features. A version with basic access features is cheaper than a version which gives a total access to your target’s phone but it is also worth this sum of money. Also FlexiSpy has a great technical support, so you can ask any questions about the usage of this spy software. If you want to read your husband’s Viber deleted chats, you just need to choose the version which has this technical feature and purchase it, then all instruction for installation will be sent on your email. Only one thing you should remember: you will have to download the app FlexiSpy on your husband’s device. But you need to do it just once for less than ten minutes. That’s why it is not such a big problem, especially when you can get his phone when he is having a shower or eating or watching TV. Then you will enter your control panel where you will be able to monitor his garget and read all deleted Viber messages. In such a way FlexiSpy will help you to read your husband’s deleted Viber chats and gets you free from unreasonable and unfounded suspicions or conversely makes you have a serious talk with your husband. At any rate FlexiSpy as the best spying software will become the best friend of yours who opens your eyes and save your nerves, because the truth is the best present for any person.

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