How can I read child’s sms?

No doubt, you are a good parent and your task is to help your child grow and to defend them from any danger and problems. However, you can’t penetrate into all spheres of your child’s life. For example, their text messages are a great mystery for you. What if your kid is communicating with some criminal or bully? Isn’t  it safe for your child to be under their parents’ caring wing?

All You Need is Good Spy Software!

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No wonder you have made up your mind to monitor your child’s text messages. Your main assistant here is good spy software. You can buy one, download it to your child’s device and regularly follow the new messages your child sends and receives.

The main trouble here is an incredibly wide choice of spy apps. Since each of them costs money, it’s necessary to compare them and know what exactly you need. For example, you may only need to monitor your kid’s text messages and nothing more. Or maybe you also desire to be aware of your kid’s location every minute or spy on their phone calls history.

The following apps are very popular and highly recommended: mSpy, FlexiSpy and Mobistealth. They are all good, but they differ in some important characteristics. Here we will compare them in order to make your choice easier.

Read child’s SMS with Mobistealth

Mobistealth allows you to view all the received and sent text messages of your child’s phone because they are directly sent to your own. You can read them from your control panel.

FlexiSpy has the same feature. It gives you all the info about the text messages: the text itself and the time of sending or receiving it.

mSpy also has this option. It records all the data about text messages and sends it to you directly. That’s why you are aware of the messages even if they are deleted from the target device later.

Browser History Logging

Mobilstealth reports you about all the websites which your child was visiting.

FlexiSpy has another useful feature concerning browser activities. It is called Password Grabber. Thanks to this feature you can get the keystrokes which are used frequently on the target device. These can be some important passwords!

mSpy informs you about all the URLs of the visited websites. Moreover, it monitors activities on WhatsApp, Viber and Skype.

Call History Logging

Mobilstealth tells you everything about the calls made from the target device. You are aware of phone number, contact name, time and duration of the phone call.

FlexiSpy also records call history and that’s not all! This spy app is proud of its phone call interception, which allows you to listen to the phone call in real time mode!

With the help of mSpy all phone calls of the target device are open for you. You know everything about them: the phone number, contact name and duration.

Email Logging

Mobilstealth records all the emails sent and received by the target phone or another device.

FlexiSpy has an email tracking function too. It allows you to read the emails from the target device instantly, the moment they are sent or received.

mSpy can do the same. It easily intercepts and forwards to you all the new emails, sent and received by the target device.

GPS Tracking

kids-spying Mobilstealth knows exactly where the target device is located every minute with the help of GPS tracking. Its location is shown on Google Maps, so it’s easy for you to be aware of your child’s every single step. Mobilstelth shows you the current location and history of movements.

FlexiSpy is a good spy app for tracking location and movement of the target phone too. Like Mobilstealth, it also uses Google Maps.

mSpy can do that too. It sees the current whereabouts of your kid and reports you about their route history as well. Even when the regular GPS is not available, you still get information of their location.


Each spy app has a different price which depends  upon the length of time you are going to use it and the type of package you choose. For example, using Mobilstealth for 3 months costs $39.99 and six months cost $59.99.

FlexiSpy has two versions with different cost. Premium version costs $149 and its Extreme version is $349.

The cost of mSpy also depends upon the chosen package and the time you are going to use it. For example, 1 month of basic package costs $29.99 and 1 month of Premium package is $69.99.

Next Step After Choosing

Well, let’s imagine that you have already chosen and bought the spy app which seems ideal for you. What next? You pay for it, receive the Welcome email and download the software onto the target device. You can do it either secretly or openly. That depends upon your child. You can talk to them and say that for their safety you will monitor their mobile phone activities. If your child is obedient and understanding enough, you won’t have any problem with it. In other case do it secretly.

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