Instagram is a lot more than a social network. It gives access to a number of attractive options for free and allows it to intercept with other social platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Flickr.

With so many things happening on social media platforms nowadays, it’s no wonder you want to spy on girlfriend’s Instagram activity or boyfriends’ posts and communication. Here we will tell you how you can monitor your girlfriend’s Instagram activity remotely.

Instagram Is a True Hit of Social Networking


Since Instagram came into existence on the 6th of October 2016, it’s hands-down one of the biggest sources of information sharing. Millions of users are interacting every day. Millions of bytes of content are uploaded every day.

The point is that everyone shares their life through Instagram messages and media. In other words, if you want to find out something about your girlfriend’s personal life, chances are you can find it on Instagram. You just need to get access to her account.

Why Should You Monitor Your Girlfriend’s Instagram Activity?

It’s an incredibly popular social platform because of its unique and creative way to share photos with original artistic filters and all types of media. And it is not really surprising that you want to monitor your girlfriend’s Instagram activity.

That’s why it’s also considered to be a platform exposing its users to a number of dangers. Caring parents and spouses should be prepared for that.


Danger №1

Profiles of users are open to the world of indecent people with detailed personal information: age, gender, first name, last name, family relationships, location, and more.

Sometimes users aren’t afraid to leave phone numbers in their profiles. You can track girlfriend’s Instagram and save her from numerous frauds and cheaters and conceal personal info from unwanted strangers

Danger №2

One of the main trends on Instagram is to rate pictures according to looks. It mostly influences the behavior of teens willing to do anything to become popular as well as celebrities do – they make nude pictures, wear inappropriate clothing for their age, and use tons of makeup.

However, they never realize that in this way they attract perverts and numerous online maniacs. 

Danger №3

If you noticed that your girlfriend might be cheating on you, Instagram is one of the paramount places to check. First, you will be able to see whom she talks to and what the conversation is about.

If she’s hiding her affair, you’ll find out.

It’s not uncommon that people sext on Instagram, too – especially considering the fact that you can send a disappearing photo or a video via direct messages. 

Can I Monitor My Girlfriend’s Instagram Activity?

Having in mind all the reasons mentioned above, the questions that naturally pose are:

How do I see who my girlfriend is talking to on Instagram?

How can I see the private pictures my girlfriend sent to other people?

Is it possible at all?

Luckily for you, yes, there are multiple ways to do this:

Monitor Your Girlfriend’s Instagram Activity for Free

Do you remember the “Activity” tab on Instagram? It granted you the possibility to see who your girlfriend just followed or what she liked. But it has been gone since 2019 and made tracking your girlfriend’s Instagram activity for free near to impossible.

Besides, even back then, you couldn’t really check her direct messages or something like that for free unless you knew her password.

Spy apps are not limited in that way, which makes them a better and safer alternative.

Check Your Girlfriend’s Instagram Activity With Spy Apps

If you’re still stuck on the questions

How to monitor my girlfriend’s Instagram activity,

What if she’s cheating on me and how can I prove it, and

How to see a specific person’s activity on Instagram?

spy apps may be the answer.

To track your girlfriend’s Instagram activities without any restrictions, you can use a variety of spy apps.

The most efficient spying apps for this purpose are

  1. mSpy (Android, Premium plan starting from $69.99/month),
  2. uMobix (Android, iOS, Full plan starting from $49.99/month)
  3. And FlexiSPY (Android, iOS, Premium plan starting from $68/month).

Not only do these three apps have the most advanced Instagram spying features, but they are also the most affordable and easy to use.

Features of Spy Apps for Instagram Activity

As all of the three apps we recommend for this purpose have similar functions. Here, we’re going to present mSpy features to you. You’ll get informed about everything through your personalized Spying control panel. Know that you can expect similar performance from uMobix and FlexiSPY as well.

So, mSpy is a unique monitoring mobile app compatible with all operating systems existing. It allows you to:

  • Read your girlfriend’s Instagram direct messages. If you’ve been wondering, “How to check my girlfriend’s DMs on Instagram,” spyware is the solution. You will have an insight into all conversations and both sent and received Instagram messages.

  • Check shared links. Shared links may seem innocent, but oftentimes, they can lead to serious conversations or serve as ice-breakers. You can monitor which links your girlfriend shares with others. Sometimes, this also reveals that your girlfriend has hidden social media accounts that she uses for cheating purposes.

  • Look through shared media. If your girlfriend shares inappropriate photos or videos (sexting alert!) with other people, you’ll know it.

In addition to Instagram, spy apps come with additional features that can monitor your girlfriend’s activities in other social networks and instant messengers.

mSpy app allows you to monitor girlfriend’s Instagram activity

For instance:

  • Control all types of text messages (even deleted) and call logs;
  • Follow location through GPS;
  • Look through notes and calendar events as well as control the contacts;
  • WhatsApp – following chats (works on non-jailbroken devices);
  • iMessage – tracking chats;
  • Snapchat – works in the case that you buy a subscription and allows you to control all types of media as well as chats themselves,
  • Tinder – access to searching parameters and to the profile as well as to messages and likes.

Installation Guide

Installing one of the spy apps is straightforward:

  1. Sign up for your spy account, and purchase the desired tariff plan. You won’t need more than the basic info (email, password, etc.).

  2. Download and install the app on the target device. If your girlfriend is using an iPhone, you’ll need to Jailbreak it, and if she’s an Android user, you’ll need to Root the phone.

  3. A quick reboot of the phone and you’re done! You can start tracking the information.

Pretty easy, huh?

If the “Jailbreak” and “Root” parts of the process seem complicated to you, no worries, it’s not difficult at all. You just need to perform these steps to make sure that an app can run in the background and monitor Instagram.

However, if you want to do it completely fuss-free, you can ask for professional assistance. mSpy offers three levels of tech support.


Last but not least, let’s address any questions that may have been left unanswered. 

How to View Someone’s Private Instagram Photos?

There are some unreliable methods you’ll find on the internet, e.g., surveys. These are most likely a scam, and you should avoid them. So, how to view private Instagram without a survey?

If someone’s Instagram profile is set to “private,” the easiest way to view their private posts is to follow them.

However, you can also use Keylogger features that certain spy apps have (e.g., Hoverwatch) and use the login information to access private photos.

How to Retrieve Deleted Instagram Direct Messages?

You don’t have the possibility to view deleted direct messages, but once you install a spy app on the target device, you’ll be able to view all the future direct messages (even the ones that the users might delete).

Can I See What My Girlfriend Likes On Instagram?

If you’re wondering how you can see your girlfriend’s likes on Instagram, you must follow her. When she likes a photo or a video, her like will be visible to anyone.

However, there’s no quick solution to see the list of likes or something like that. Your best bet is to check her direct messages because they are more likely to contain some valuable info than likes.

Monitor My Girlfriend’s Instagram Activity is Not a Problem Anymore

How can I monitor my girlfriend’s Instagram activity? That’s not a question anymore. Choose spy apps, and get access not only to Instagram but also to a number of other spying options able to satisfy all possible needs.

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