Mobistealth general information

mobiStealth logo Mobistealth is an app, giving you all the information you need and all the answers you want to gain. This software includes lots of prominent features that allow it to track all the activities of people and send collected data directly to your account in the Mobistealth system. It is easy to download and install so you can do these things in just few clicks. It is the first Cell tracker so easy to use. This app is up to use for parents and business.

It can not only track the Cell Phone activity but also monitor all the PC activity for a long time, protecting your interests.

It’s easy to install the software on any needed PC quickly and collect the data about the PC activity. The app has surveillance features and gives all the information to your account in the system.

Apps for Spying

Mobistealth Messenger Tracker can spy different kinds of data and types of messages. Let’s see, what it can do.

Firstly, the app works with Blackberry Messenger. This messenger can provide lots of interesting facts about your children and workers if the company owned gadgets are used. Chatting is the most popular kind of communication now and Mobistealth can help you track all the communication of BBM and know everything. Now the monitoring of the whole chat is possible. Moreover it is possible to check the time of sending the messages and their receiving. But the app has another advantage. You can read old chats, having been saved on the company device or they can be saved to you by the app. This app is useful for parents, wanting to know about their children’s spare time and contacts.

mobistealth-catch-cheater This app also works with MSN Chat. Statistics says that near 70% of people use this messenger. That is why tracking the chat Mobistealth can prove you safety and security as well. You can gain all the MSN chat from the certain device and even more because the app can take the ids of the contact list of he user. It can help to track the location of any person talking with your child for example. Of course it is also possible to find out the time spent by a person ij his account so as the time of all his messages. The fact is this messenger is still one of the most popular ones and lots of people use it. In chats it is possible to find plenty of useful and important details and data. That is why Mobistealth are sure that tracking the chat activity can help parents control children’s social activity and prevent them from interaction with strangers.

The third messenger is Skype. It is the most popular way of communication via the Internet at the moment. The Mobistealth app will be useful for getting the data about the person’s talks and communication with others. Using Messenger tracker you can gain all the chats, ids and even mails of people in the list of contacts of your target user. As in all the apps you can see the time and data of chatting and time of the person had been signed. Nothing can be hidden from the app because it tracks not only chatting but the messages, sent or received during the video conversation.

WhatsApp – is second popular app, seducing the users of smatrphones. It’s the brand new way of communication and texting. Lots of people started to use it in a very short period of time. Today the SMS services are under the thread. It is not enough today to track the mails of your child. It will not give you the current information about his life and ideas, his interests and contacts as well. Mobistealth offer you a useful tool for spying the WhatsApp history and tracing your child’s messages. This app gives you information about the person’s messages and contacts via easy and user-friendly interface.

Yahoo is still popular chatting platform though it is not so popular as Skype. Anyway if your children or employee use it the Mobistealth can give you an important data about the chats and contacts of your target person. So you can gain an access to all the chats and mails of the people in the user’s contact list. Another advantage of the app is that it allows you to know all the time and data so you can investigate all the conversations any time it it convenient for you.


Mobistealth Outstanding Functions

The app can help you gain all the data of the target’s communication and contacts by tracking the messages sent and received. There’s also an inappropriate apps filtration thanks to the access to all the apps on the person’s phone. So you can spy not only contacts  but also appointments. Chat messages monitoring provides data security and safety along with Web Browsing Spying. It means the possibility of pictures and video monitoring.

It is possible to monitor all the user’s activities and all the content being watched along with sites and resources.

The app provides the tracking of the person’s position and email spying as well.

Mobistealth Pros and Cons

The first point is stability. The product has been on market for a while and the fact of its long term existing shows its quality. The price is also rather good and it is available for anyone. The installation of the app is simple. But the prominent feature is Location Tracing function without GPS.

In general the cons are connected with lack of features, available in the other apps. The absence of new features is also a disadvantage.

To sum up

In general Mobistealth is a stable app with good reputation and most needed features. At the same time it should be improved and new features should be added like in other products. The number of chat monitoring things is also rather small. For example, FlexiSPY can offer users much more features and its price is not very high also. That is why we can’t say that Mobistealth is the best one. In spite of lack of features it can be useful and it is, for example, because of two week contract term and possibility to track the person’s location without GPS.

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