iPhone SMS Spy

Mobile gadgets are getting more popular than PCs or tablets. They’re tiny, functional and keep us connected to the world protecting our personal data and SMS from being publicized. Nice storage for some dirty secrets, isn’t it?

iPhone SMS Tracker

iphone-spy SMS Tracker is a special type of software used for staying aware of the SMS activity on someone’s device. Do you still think that it’s illegal? Of course, personal life must stay personal, but what if…

  • You suspend your husband or boyfriend (wife, girlfriend) cheating on you?

  • You feel worried about your kids spending too much time in social networks or chatting with someone secretly?

  • Your co-workers look like they’ve got some plans on you and they don’t seem to be positive?

  • Your employees are not sincere and you don’t want to ruin your reputation?

You can track their activities through the phone no matter where they are. SMS tracking became as easy as ABCs. Make sure you choose the appropriate software compatible with the version of the operating system of the iPhone.

Such programs usually cost quite a lot, but some of the apps have demo versions with restricted functionality, so you’ll always have a chance to make sure if it’s helpful or not. Just install it on the target device and start spying. The data will be automatically saved into your personal account where it can be accessed from the software operating panel in your browser.

What else can iPhone SMS Spy do?

You need to know that SMS spying is not the only one option of spy applications. There are basic options plus some special original functions for each app. One of the most popular spy apps are mSpy and FlexiSpy. These apps were approved by many users and can be used on all types of mobile platforms. So, what can they suggest?

  • Monitoring instant messengers like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or iMessage;
  • SMS tracking – and it doesn’t matter whether they were deleted or not;
  • Access to call logs and phone book with names and telephone numbers;
  • Spying on browser logs and all web activity;
  • Reading notes and planned calendar events;
  • GPS tracking;
  • Remote control of the installed applications on the target device (useful for watchful parents);
  • Recording and listening to the live conversations;
  • Saving all typed information (even passwords and emoticons);
  • Saving different types of media (photos, downloaded pictures, videos and voice records).

Do I need Jailbreak to install iPhone SMS Spy?

Best-iPhone-Spy-SoftwareInterested in tracking iPhones? You should remember that jailbreaking is not always a must for spy apps. How does it work?

For example, mSpy suggests two versions of the program – one of them needs jailbreaking, the other one doesn’t. Unfortunately, non-jailbreak version is a bit more tricky, cause you’ll need a user’s Apple ID and password to enter the control panel of the app. These details are personal and users try to conceal them properly. Nevertheless, if you’re going to give your child or your girlfriend/boyfriend an iPhone for Christmas make sure to create the Apple ID yourself and keep the personal details hidden for the future – you never know when it’s useful. It’s easy, fast and doesn’t require any special knowledge.

Non-jailbreak iPhone SMS Tracker

Not only mSpy, but also Mobistealth can work without jailbreaking on IOS devices. The positive point here is that you won’t need direct physical contact with the target device – Apple ID and password will give remote access to:

  • SMS and MMS;
  • Any types of short messages (iMessage chats for example);
  • Skype;
  • Contacts details;
  • Media – pictures, video and audio files;
  • Web browsers history.

BUT! You won’t be able to control or delete the installed applications on the iPhone – only viewing options are possible.

Best iPhone Messenger Spy 2016

Let’s have a look at three popular spying applications for IOS devices: mSpy, FlexiSpy and Mobistealth.


One of the easiest apps for jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads. It’s secure and efficient. What does it suggest?

  • Compatibility with iOS, Mac OS, Android and Windows OS;
  • Multi-language technical support;
  • Compatibility with all browsers;
  • More than 25 coolest features including control of the applications on the target device (jailbreak needed);
  • Non-jailbreak spying possibility.iPhone SMS Spy


One more popular app compatible with all operating systems including iOS. It’s got a demo version, so you don’t have to buy it at once – you’ll have a chance to check the way it works before paying for it. So, what does it suggest?

  • SMS and calls tracking on all types of mobile and tablet applications and audio communications;
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android;
  • Multi language technical support;
  • SPECIAL OPTION – Money Back Guarantee in case the app’s not working properly or if you’re simply not satisfied with the product (this option works for a limited period of time only).



Mobistealth was the first app that made spying possible without jailbreaking – it demands user’s Apple ID and password. What does it suggest?

  • SMS and calls tracking;
  • Instant messengers tracking;
  • Skype spying;
  • Access to contacts and web history;
  • Access to different types of media on the target device.

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