Spy app is not only about tracking your spouse’s personal life – it’s a sensible business tool that can save your money and protect your personal data and intellectual property. If it’s the first time you try to install a tracking app onto your or somebody else’s device, read further for detailed information. Sometimes it’s kinda tricky, but let us clear the air on that.

Choosing and Installing

All tracking softwares have a typical set of functions. They differ in some certain options and operate a little differently depending on the operating system, but the way they work is usually the same. That’s how it goes:

  • Get a full list of most popular officially approved SMS tracking apps and read out the description;

  • Make a wise choice depending on your needs and don’t forget to pay attention to the compatibility with the target device;

  • Pay for the software (some of the apps have free demo versions with a restricted set of basic functions);

  • When you’re through with the paying process, you usually get an e-mail with installation instructions and a personal unique ID number;

  • Download and install SMS tracker app. Use the ID given;

  • Restart your device;

  • Make necessary changes in the settings and track the activity on a target device through your personal control panel.

The steps of the process of installation may slightly differ. Stay attentive and don’t proceed to the installation until you make sure you get everything right – if you miss a step, you can get stuck.

What about iPhones?

20679521_2ml-300x200 Need jailbreaking before installing any SMS tracker app. Unfortunately, iOS devices don’t support any alien software – this way they make their devices work stable. If you’re a newbie in jailbreaking you better get a qualified specialist or find a detailed instruction.

What If I Need Help?

You can’t be prepared for everything – get ready for possible unexpected troubles. Every spy app has 24-hour support hotline. Get to the official software website to be able to chat with technical support staff – they’ll always help you out for free.

Remote SMS Tracker App Installation – Is It Possible?

Installing SMS tracking software into a target device remotely is impossible. The only thing you can do is to remotely spy on someone’s device if you know login and password personal details of Google or Apple accounts. Nevertheless, you must remember that this is illegal. Just imagine that you can simply spy on any phone you wish – technology working like this can’t be legal.

In addition, if you’re going to track the activity on iOS device, you’ll have to jailbreak it to install the app. Among the approved spy apps in the list are MobileSpy, Flexispy and mSpy. All of them are installed directly. Don’t trust anyone who tries to persuade that you can install the app remotely.

Another thing that you might have heard already is that you can use Bluetooth technology to connect your device and the target device. The phones are usually connected with a long pair code. Maximum working range will be about 50 meters. If Bluetooth is off you’ll have to reconnect the devices again, which is truly annoying and ridiculous.

As you see, remote spying technology is inconvenient and sometimes useless.

Is It a Scam?

Here are the warning signs that you should pay attention to searching for a tracking tool online:


  • The website says their SMS tracker apps can be installed remotely.

  • The description says that you can pay once and have lifetime free updates. Legal apps on the market sell the license for short periods of time in order to constantly fund the development of their project and create sensible updates.

  • Free bonuses offer.

  • The price that looks like an incredibly great deal is a bad sign– you aren’t going to buy a new iPad with lifetime guarantee for $40, are you?

  • Payment methods – scam sites usually use only credit cards. Real, sensible companies have a variety of payment methods including Pay Pal, cause such companies as Pay Pal do their best not to deal with scams.

Before You Install SMS Tracker App

You’re responsible for what you do when you start tracking someone. Make sure you’re not breaking the law by installing a spy app.

  • Tracking someone is considered legal only if you warn the person about that.

  • Using someone’s passwords is illegal unless you can prove that you own the target device.

  • Parents are responsible for their kids, that’s why spying on your kid’s phone isn’t illegal.

  • Tracking your employees’ activity is generally illegal, but there’s a way out – make them sign a written consent that they are aware of all devices in the company being monitored.

  • Spying on your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is considered illegal.