Instagram was launched in 2011 and since then has become globally known. It can be used to share your own photos and see others’ or to communicate via Direct messages. Although this social network is extremely popular, it can also be used by culprits to contact children or by an unfaithful spouse to communicate with his or her paramour. Hence, it is important to monitor your loved people’s Instagram activity to discourage any wrong intentions.

Why Instagram’s popularity is continually growing?

The reason behind Instagram’s outstanding demand is that this app is a convenient and instant way to communicate. Everyone likes to share and explore beautiful photos, and the Instagram developers provided the best platform to do this. Consequently, it became an irreplaceable part of our social lives, as millions of people post their photos or videos and chat with their friends using Instagram on their daily basis. 

Who may need to track an Instagram account?

With Instagram’s popularity increasing, one may want to see Instagram private photos of his or her beloved ones and get access to the Direct. For instance, caring parents might want to make sure their children do not chat with suspicious individuals and do not share too much of their private life details on this social network.

The spouse may be curious who the partner reaches out to via Instagram, and whether he or she is cheating. Whatever the reason is, in order to get access to somebody’s account, a person needs to know how to hack Instagram passwords.

How to spy on someone’s Instagram?

There are several options that can provide access to someone’s Instagram:

  • Secretly monitor target phone while its owner is not watching;
  • Guess the password, as they are frequently quite simple and predictable;
  • Find out the password by accessing a person’s email, etc.

Although all the mentioned options can help, still, they may cause conflicts and in some cases are too complicated. If you need a better way to hack someone’s Instagram without them knowing, spy tools are exactly what you are looking for. With their help, you can get indirect access to one’s Instagram to see their private photos and read all the messages even if they are removed from the target device.

Which apps can be used to hack Instagram?

The market provides various spy tools that can be used to hack Instagram. Let’s look into some of them:


This spy tool allows you to track an Instagram account, including photos, messages, and links sent in Direct on an Android device. Moreover, mSpy provides a wide range of other tracking functions, including:

  • monitoring calls;
  • geofencing;
  • browser history spying;
  • tracking popular social media, such as Facebook or Snapchat;
  • accessing galleries, etc.

Please, keep in mind that rooting or jailbreaking of the device may be required to get full access to the functions offered.


This spy tool provides several subscription plans. If you purchase the full package, you will not only get access to the Instagram Direct messages but also will obtain an opportunity to:

  • record calls;
  • read e-mail;
  • view notes;
  • monitor social networks, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Tinder;
  • access audio files, etc.

FlexiSpy is available for any type of device and runs in a hidden mode, which means the app doesn’t consume much battery power and is invisible to the user.

How to: easy tutorial to install spyware

Installing spyware is just as easy as pie. You only need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the spy app and create an account.
  2. Choose the subscription plan that fulfills your needs and purchase it.
  3. Follow the instruction which will be sent to your email after the payment is successfully completed.
  4. Install the tool on a target device.
  5. Monitor Instagram and other social media remotely from your Control Panel.

Conclusion: spy tools are the most reliable option to hack Instagram

People have different reasoning why they want to hack somebody’s Instagram account. No matter what your purpose is, don’t waste your time trying to figure out someone’s Instagram password or secretly looking at the phone — simply install spyware to get instant access to one’s Instagram from your device!

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