iMessages Spy: Track All Text Messages on iPhone

Your age, gender and social position make no significant difference if you want to spy on someone’s iMessages and to make sure no one is cheating on you or try to keep your eye on iPhone activities of your beloved children. 

How does iMessage work?

Spy-iMessage iMessage is a built-in Apple application available for iPad iPhone and Mac. It allows you to send short messages, share different types of media including voice memo, pictures, photos and videos. iMessage works on the base of a mobile internet connection or Wi Fi connection. It means that you won’t have to pay for every single message sent. Group messaging and sharing location is also possible.

The functionality of this application makes it popular connecting people from all over the world and Apple is trying to convince us that it’s securely protected from spying. But is it really that unapproachable?

What is iMessage spy?

Powerful iMessage spy app allows you to track all text messages: group chats, usual chats and view all sent media. Typical spy software will provide you with basic options (some of them will be available for the trial period):

  • Tracking all types of messages;
  • Following group conversations;
  • Emoticons tracking;
  • Viewing photos, videos and voice messages;
  • Getting GPS location.

Spying on someone’s iMessage app became as easy as pie! You don’t have to jailbreak the device if you want to track it. Now you can easily monitor your kids’ or spouse’s iMessages. 

How does iMessage spying work?

Step 1: The positive thing is that you won’t need to get hold of the desired phone – everything is done remotely. The only tricky thing here is to get an Apple ID of the desired phone before you proceed to the installation.

Unfortunately, it’s the only way to install the program without jailbreaking. If you don’t get this information, you’ll have to get hold of the device itself.


Step 2: Get some trusted iMessage spy software (some are listed below). They will allow tracking not only iMessage activities but almost everything happening on the target iPhone.

Step 3: After the installation of the program you’ll need to proceed to the registration following all the given instructions.

Step 4: Use the control panel either on your phone or in the browser of your PC to track the activities on the phone. To activate the control panel you’ll need Apple ID of the target device.

Step 5: You’re almost done! In a few hours you’ll start getting logs from the iMessage app and all the other desired information from your child’s or partner’s iPhone.

Why do you need to monitor iMessage?

iMessage spy will help you find out with whom the users chat. The situations can be different, but usually such applications help you to:

  1. Protect your kids from being blackmailed or bullied;

  2. Prevent your teens from sending nude pictures to some unknown people who pretend to have peaceful intentions;

  3. Protect the children and unexperienced teens from jail for texting about drugs;

  4. Save your family from betrayal;

  5. Save your business and intellectual property from unscrupulous employees;

  6. Be aware of all the activities on the target device.

Top best iMessage tracking apps

So, now you understand that it’s high time to get some tested application to spy on someone’s iMessage and never be noticed. The best way is to choose an approved application if you don’t want to spend your money for nothing.

mSpy logo

mSpy has many advanced options and it’s easy to install. It is compatible with all versions of iOS and can be used with or without jailbreaking (this way you’ll need Apple ID of the device you wish to track). The basic version of the program costs about 30$ a month. The premium variant with special features costs about 70$ a month. You’ll get instant access to:

  • Incoming calls logs;
  • SMS
  • All types of short messages in all instant messenger apps including iMessage;
  • Restricting activities on the net;
  • Media;
  • Contacts lists;
  • Apps blocking;
  • Locations tracking;
  • Emails monitoring.


uMobix logo

uMobix is compatible with both iOS and Android. The installation is simple – the instructions help you with every single step of the process. It doesn’t require jailbreaking when installed on the Apple device. What options does it suggest?

  • Access to SMS, instant messengers (iMessage is included in the list) and emails;
  • Tracking location through GPS;
  • Browser history monitoring;
  • Control of the installed applications.

uMobix basic version of the program costs about 30$ a month. The full variant with advanced tracking features costs about 60$ a month


Is there any iMessage spy for free?

Some of the spy applications suggest a demo version with limited functionality and only basic options available (iMessage tracking is usually an extra option that should be paid for).

To get detailed information turn to the official internet pages of the desired software. Remember, that such programs took much time and effort to be created and if you really need reliable information you’ll have to pay for the service.

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