The popular WhatsApp application is used by both teens and adults. Instant sharing of text and voice messages, images and other files via the Internet is truly convenient.

It’s also free. A lot of users may find it useful and even necessary to remotely view messages and multimedia on WhatsApp.

How can a user know what his friend, relative, child, or someone else is doing at WhatsApp? Special monitoring tools have already been developed for these purposes.

Is WhatsApp spying possible?

The ability to spy on one person’s correspondence among millions of WhatsApp users around the world may seem impossible. But there is a lot of information on the Internet how to read other people’s messages on WhatsApp even without access to the target phone. Some vloggers on YouTube claim that you can hack WhatsApp remotely.

Popular methods for hacking WhatsApp like changing the MAC address or entering a number on a special site do not work as stated. If the iPhone is not hacked or rutted, reading someone’s correspondence WhatsApp will not work.

Even a spyware application will not work. It will be impossible to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages without getting a physical phone.

In fact, there are applications and software to spy on someone’s WhatsApp, which really work.

6 reasons why you may need to spy on someone’s WhatsApp

WhatsApp spying apps are for everyone. They are useful for people who use messengers, spend time online, lead an active lifestyle and want to know more about their surroundings.

  1. Spy app for parents. It is not easy to be the parent of a teenager who is often mistaken. He/she can use the mobile phone to: chat during classes through WhatsApp, make appointments with strangers and share confidential information with them. In this case, spying on the messages of the son or daughter will be useful.

  2. The reason for spying on your child’s WhatsApp may be his / her suspicious anxious behavior:

    • doesn’t talk about his new acquaintances and friends;
    • spends a lot of time on the Internet;
    • does not tell you about his plans and hobbies.
  3. The partner behaves suspiciously, nervously and he/she does not leave the phone when leaving the room. This may be a sign that he/she cheats on you. In this case, you need to record calls and view remote WhatsApp chats to find out.

  4. If your partner’s WhatsApp history is always cleared, or there are calls to WhatsApp from unknown numbers, you don’t even know why this happens. To calm your nerves, you can install a spy app and find out the situation.

  5. It is important for you what information a person exchanges in chats, groups and communities in WhatsApp. It is easy to find out using a spy app.

  6. If it seems to you that someone is spreading untruthful information about you to the WhatsApp, you can check it out. By installing a spyware application on the phone of the suspected offender, you can find out what text and voice communities they send and what they talk about.

Best ways to spy on WhatsApp without the person knowing

People can chat, instantly send photos, audio and video materials, documents in WhatsApp. If your family members or friends use WhatsApp to chat with, you can use spyware to spy on their chats in this application. Learn about the best ways to hack WhatsApp and get a lot of information about partner’s/children’s lives.

Check out apps designed specifically for snooping. Here are some popular mobile spy apps.


Over a million people around the world use mSpy to spy on WhatsApp. Let’s consider what functions the application has and how to apply them. mSpy works on Android or iPhone mobile phone. The application tracks the person’s communication on the popular social platform WhatsApp. Any WhatsApp chat will be readable.

A WhatsApp spy will monitor when they appear on the phone. It is important that mSpy runs on non-jailbroken iPhones. This feature allows you to install mSpy on a non-jailbroken iPhone without physical access. Owners of premium accounts will be able to root the device.

A tracking tool has developed for convenient tracking WhatsApp.


This app is compatible with Android phones. HoverWatch software was installed on more than 12 million different devices: phones, tablets, and computers. A trial version, technical support and expert advice are available on the site.

It is possible to choose the time of service: 1 month, 3 months and 12 months. WhatsApp is easy to monitor on a rooted mobile device. WhatsApp Spy will not be visible to your children, acquaintances or relatives. No need to worry about being discovered. The application allows you to view messages, audio and video files transferred to WhatsApp. It is possible to remotely use the phone camera.

Other tracking features you get with a spyware

The functions of professional spyware applications do not end with surveillance of WhatsApp. There are many other useful features you get here:

  • call recording, viewing SMS and MMS messages;
  • locations tracking;
  • taking photo from the front camera when the user unlocks the screen;
  • notifications when the SIM card is changed;
  • tracking web activity of the target device;
  • tracking records in To-do list;
  • spying on contacts in the address book;
  • the ability to create screenshots.

How to install WhatsApp spy on Android/iPhone?

It is important to use a spyware application that you download from the official website of the developers. This action will protect the user from the unwanted installation of malicious software along with a spyware application. Consider how to start using this application.

  1. Choose a plan according to your needs and buy the app.
  2. Receive an e-mail with a guide to install the application.
  3. Get physical access to the phone and use the link to install the program on the target device that you want to monitor.
  4. The application will be invisible to the owner of the monitored gadget, so it will not notice anything.
  5. Access your online monitoring account to read incoming and outgoing messages in WhatsApp.

Will I be caught if I spy on WhatsApp secretly?

Such applications conceal themselves accumulating the vital information on the website. You’ll need to simply log in from any device with access to internet – it can be your PC, mobile phone or your tablet. The users you’re spying on will never be aware of it!

Choose the best spyware for your needs

Of course, if you have free time and skills, you can experiment with various spying methods. In another case, we recommend trying one of the software suggeted above: mSpy(, HoverWatch (, FlexiSpy ( With their help, you can track someone’s WhatsApp on the go in a couple of minutes.  What is more, you will also always have technical support any time.

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  1. Monika

    That sounds great. I can get any information about my BF now. Just some filters could be useful. For example, I want to know what he is talking about with his sexy “just a friend” Helen, but I prefer not to read about what gifts he is going to bring for my birthday or what a romantic dinner he is planning for tonight. Or I should go to some acting classes)) Otherwise, how can I be really surprised with his surprises?

    1. smstrackerapps

      Hello Monika,

      Could you be more specific about your tracking needs, while it is not really clear what you spying feature you are looking for.

      Kind regards

  2. Merry Sanders

    I’ve read somewhere, that decoding messages in WhatsApp is really worse, than we all thought it might’ve been. Far from perfect, so anyone could read messages, if the code is changed or something like this. It’s anyway careless to use this app for chatting, now I see why it’s so easy to spy with it too!

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