In our day and age technologies play a significant role in our lives and that may provoke several problems and misunderstandings. Tackling the issue of online communication, there is a variety of services for chatting, such as WeChat we are dealing with today.

What is WeChat?

WeChat is widely spread app that enables one to instantly chat and send different types of media. WeChat nowadays has about 1 billion users every month. Its popularity owes to the simplicity of usage and availability to install it to various devices.

Reasons for hacking WeChat

Primarily having the access to someone’s WeChat account has justified purposes. It may be for the aim of parental control to prevent a child from online dangers. However, now spying on the WeChat may have personal aims as well, such as monitoring partner’s online activity, but in this case the responsibility for doing it increases.

How to hack WeChat if you have the access to target’s device

The simplest method of checking someone’s WeChat activity is to sneak target’s device without them knowing it. However, there might some troubles occur. First of all, it requires knowing target’s device password if it exists. When this step is done, there is a necessity to enter WeChat account. This may be done either via entering it with pre-saved password or via resetting password using email address. But be aware that the notification of the password being changed may appear on the other target’s devices.

How to hack WeChat if you don’t have the access to target’s device

As the first way of hacking WeChat account is risky and may lead to even worse consequences, there always are some more complex, yet more reliable options in order to get desired access and not get caught with it. These methods do not need target’s device constantly, they require it once, in order to install one of the spying apps mentioned below, and then you need only your device and access to several online resources with your own profile.

More profound ways to hack someone’s WeChat


MSpy is considered as a remote control app that allows to monitor any type of data that is sent using targeted device with its Keylogger feature. The only thing you need to do is to install the mSpy app on the target device and hide its icon. The app is completely safe and will not be visible for the person using the device.

Having completed simple installation steps, you will get access to all the chats, calls and media files that are sent from the monitored device in real time.


FlexiSPY is another monitoring software that allows to follow other person’s WeChat activities. However, FlexiSPY is more universal app and provides hacking other services as well.

It is more kind of a professional program that includes many functions such as spying on chats, calls, media files, mobile data, FaceTime calls and many others and everything is possible to be monitored in real life. Additionally, it enables to interfere in other person’s online activity remotely, for instance cancelling the call. All you need to use it is to install the software on the target device and enter your spying account from any other device to start monitoring.


iKeymonitor is another simple in use app for parental control that enables to fully monitor target’s WeChat activity. It is easily installed and tracks all popular phone’s activities.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it allows to set a timetable for doing several actions on the target’s devices such as watching videos, chatting and calling.


Do you need an access to the target’s device to hack WeChat?

Yes. Unfortunately, there hardly is a way to avoid setting the necessary spy app right to the target’s device. However, it only has to be done once, for instance, it can be done at the moment of buying a new device, so no further interaction with it will be needed.

Can a person find out that I hack their WeChat account?

No, the apps presented in this article are fully protected and aimed at monitoring device’s activity secretly. Despite the fact that the app will be installed into the target’s phone or computer, they will not find it out.

How to hack WeChat password?

Using previous apps and methods there is no need in hacking WeChat password as they already provide a full access to the account without it. Nevertheless, if particularly the password is necessary, then there are several another programs with keylogger features for this purposes.

The price of the calmness

No matter what the reason for hacking someone’s WeChat account is, whether it may be for the sake of parental control or checking your partner’s faithfulness, nowadays the Internet provides us with various methods of solving such problem.

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