Any modern social network or messenger user, in particular, Tinder, is concerned about his or her profile security. And their worries are reasonable – any Tinder account can really be hacked. How? Let’s discuss it in the following article.

3 Possible ways to hack someone’s Tinder account without password

It is well known that a password may not always be necessary for the certain Tinder profile hacking. By using one of the following methods, a person may easily and quickly hack an account in Tinder, without an access password.

1. Check Tinder on the target device when a person is in the shower

The easiest and most affordable way is to intercept a mobile device at a time when the owner is busy with personal matters. For example, you can use his or her gadget while your flame is taking a shower or a bath. You have at least 15 minutes to use the phone and, accordingly, get access to the Tinder profile. Read the correspondence, view the contacts with which your partner communicates. Be careful in order not to be caught!

2. Another smart idea to get an access to the target Tinder account

Do not be surprised, but you can use your partner’s phone openly without the owner’s unbeknown. To do this, you can come up with a reason why you might need it. Let your partner know that you have to make an important call, but the funds have run out on your personal phone. With a high probability, you will receive the device in your hands, and, of course, you can use it for your own purposes (viewing the Tinder account, correspondence, etc.).

3. Use a reliable cell phone tracking device

Another option is to resort to the help of a modern cell phone tracking tool. Not everyone knows, but such software can not only track the exact location of a person, but also they are able to control correspondence, calls, and the history of the installed applications (including Tinder).

Use mSpy spyware for Tinder monitoring

Welcome the mSpy spyware! This is a great product for tracking conversations, calls, browser history, installed applications on the target device. Among its other features are GPS tracking, tracking of other people’s conversations in various messengers – Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram and others. It runs on both Android and iPhone devices. The application offers several subscription plans for 1, 3 or 12 months. The minimum application usage cost is $ 29.99 per month. In general, the price depends on the available monitoring features and for how long you want to monitor the target device.

Use all the mSpy abilities. It gives the opportunity to control your child’s activity and leisure time. The app may take your kid’s Tinder account under observation. View the matches searching parameters, read dialogues, and save your child from dangerous collisions. The app operates with the smartphones based on Android (version 4.0 and higher) and iOS (9.0-9.1).

Simple Tinder Account Hacking Steps with mSpy

The mSpy may be easily downloaded and installed on your smartphone. First, one needs to choose the preferred subscription plan. Secondly, – install it and launch a set up onto your child’s device. Thirdly, you may log in and take advantage of the app, controlling the child’s activity.

The app has all the necessary tools to access the activity history – dialogs, sound messages, contact list. It is also in your power to hack any account by performing the following actions step by step:  

1. Recover Tinder Password

First, you can try to recover the Tinder password. To do this, determine the recovery method chosen by the user. For example, if it is about recovering a password through an email address, you will need to solve one more problem – cracking the mail.

2. Hack the Gmail Account

Use the mSpy Keylogger for mail hacking. It allows to monitor all activity of the particular mobile phone. Accordingly, the Keylogger will easily help you to crack the needed Gmail address. This software helps to intercept any button presses on the device, while the owner will never be aware of it. All you need to know is the exact account data for logging in. Next, the Keylogger will record the password, so you could use it later on. After hacking the Gmail, you will need to confirm that logging into the account was completely legal. Next, be sure to delete this message so as not to leave any pieces of evidence.

3. Receive Confirmation SMS

If the user has chosen the method of account data recovering via SMS, it will be necessary to intercept the text with a confirmation code, which will be automatically sent to the user’s device. This can also be easily done with mSpy. It keeps track of messages received by the user and gives you free access to them. Next, paste the received code into the field intended for password resetting.

The tinder account is hacked!

The mSpy gives opportunity to hack your child’s or partners’s Tinder account and monitor it. Be aware of his/her correspondence, detect geolocation, control websites visited.

Who might need to hack Tinder account?

  1. High interest in Tinder hacking application is demonstrated by caring parents of teenagers who are worried if their child may be involved in a company with low social responsibility. Nowadays, it is so important to monitor the child’s contacts and be aware of what and with whom he or she communicates daily. Having cracked the teenager’s Tinder, the parent can view all his correspondence, see friends added to their contact list. If necessary, you can even block individuals who, in your opinion, can adversely affect a teenager.

  2. Spouses are equally interested in hacking Tinder. Wives and husbands are also worried that they may miss the fact of the partner’s betrayal. Today it is so important to be confident in your husband or wife, so hacking an account will allow you to be aware of how much the partner is sincere with you and whether you may trust him/her.

Benefits of using a cell phone tracker for Tinder spying

Among the advantages that lie in tracking somebody’s Tinder account by using a cell phone tracker are the following:

  • The remote location and phone correspondence tracking (you do not need to be nearby a person or his mobile device).

  • High reliability of the software and low chances of its detection by the person you monitor.

  • Multiple spying functions (you may not only see a person’s location but also check the rest of phone’s activities: SMS messages, inbound and outbound calls, browser history, applications usage, etc.).


Nowadays, many spyware providers help to crack target Tinder profiles without any difficulties and not being tech-savvy. MSpy is one of the most reliable monitoring applications. Its advanced spying functionality will certainly attract you! Having learned how easy it is to hack any profile, take care of your personal security. To do this, change your passwords more often and try not to give your phone to anyone.

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