A Complete Guide on How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Professionally

Facebook is not your friend, it is a surveillance engine. Richard Stallman

Facebook… an addiction or just a necessity? This is a very difficult question to answer, as various people use this social network for various purposes. People of different races and ages are somehow addicted to this network; some of them connect with friends and relatives, others make new acquaintances, while there is the third group, the members of which are actively promoting their businesses. Of course the purposes of usage differ greatly, however it’s not a secret that this social network is mainly used to become acquainted with new people.

According to Statista, Facebook is the most popular social network in the whole world, with more than 2 billion monthly active users. Facebook’s popularity highly depends not only on its social platform, but also mobile integration and mobile messaging system. Facebook Messenger is one of the most famous and appealing mobile messenger apps worldwide.


Who Uses Facebook Most?

1.45 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users (Facebook DAU) for March 2018.

Everyone uses this network nowadays; children and adults, students and lecturers, drivers and housewives and so on. Your partner is using it, your friends and your children, and obviously you too! Users try to make their profiles as attracting and fancy as possible; they change profile pictures, set relationship statuses, write various notes and post millions of pictures daily, save items, like various pages to be kept up to date and actively participate in group discussions and play various games but the main reason why so many people use Facebook remains being connected with other people, and they are not necessarily the ones you know or are related to, as you always can make a new acquaintance via Facebook, right? Okay, all of this seems rather engaging and cool, but let’s look deeper and find out the negative aspects.

What Are The Negative Consequences of Using Facebook?

What we will see if we look deeper in Facebook profiles…people with attractive profiles, which do not always correspond to reality, and photos the majority of which is of course photoshopped. Okay, you may ask what these people can do that may lead to negative consequences. They can do anything, as you share too much personal information on this social network. You share your family photos and events, your children’s photos and names, your location, workplace, your preferences and dislikes.

There are 83 million fake profiles in Facebook. (Source: CNN)

Fake profiles are even more dangerous and difficult to find out. People use fake profiles for various purposes: to share inappropriate content, to connect with the needed person and remain unrecognized, to check people’s profiles and learn more information about them actually being hidden. So, even if a person says he/she does not have a Facebook account, never be 100% sure that there is not a fake one. People always lie that they are not using Facebook, but in fact they spend hours searching for profiles, observing photos and chatting.

How to Discover a Cheater?

Discovering cheaters is not an easy task, but it has become more effortless due to modern solutions and tools. Spying on people is not a good idea, but a necessary one if it concerns preventing your children from danger or trying to keep good relations with your partner. Every single person has definitely asked himself ”How to hack someone’s Facebook” and has not found a reasonable answer. But the 21st century gives the answer to this torturing question – you can use several tricks and learn the needed information easily. Keep reading to get acquainted with the most effective ones.

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook?

When it comes to hacking a Facebook account, there are several different methods, but following one rule is a must – this work should be done professionally! Here are the most effective and popular ways one can implement to track Facebook activities:

  • Trying to get access to the email used to create the Facebook account
  • Stealing the target phone and changing password
  • Checking out browser history to find some information about searches and visits
  • Installing a spying app on the target phone or PC

Though all of these methods can somehow work, the first three ones have a major disadvantage: they don’t guarantee successful spying as well as your safety. The easiest and most reliable one is of course cell phone or PC spyware as it allows you to gain the needed information immediately and effectively, and be sure that no one will ever discover your activities.

What Activities You Can Track on Facebook?

You can track almost everything using a productive and professional cell phone spy system. The majority of good systems allow you to track photos published and shared via Facebook, check messages (both sent and received), have access to browsing history and friend list, as well as manage passwords and settings. In a word, it gives an opportunity to have a complete access to one’s account and manage every single interaction. You will have power to manage a particular Facebook account, as well as learn how to hack someone’s Facebook more easily than ever before.

Who may need such spyware?

logo-facebookAs the majority of people we know and are related to use Facebook, anyone of us can face a situation, where the only solution is hacking someone’s Facebook to discover the truth. Such spyware is needed not only to spy or control someone’s social activities, but also to prevent the people we love from danger. Not only partners need such a spying system to discover the one that is cheating, but also parents whose children use Facebook and don’t differentiate fake profiles, which may lead to internet sexting, sexual abuse, and many other negative consequences. What concerns the pricing, most of the professional systems are rather affordable and offer demo versions to test some spying features and have a complete understanding of the system you are going to purchase.

Top 3 cell phone Spywares to hack someone’s FB

Hacking Facebook requires enough professionalism and skills; therefore this difficult and responsible task should be trusted to skillful and productive spyware systems that have proven their effectiveness by their work. How to find them? That’s not a difficult task in the 21 st century, as you can find out the most popular systems with the help of several clicks. What to check? Okay, first of all pay attention to user reviews, as they are the ones who had a similar experience and did a research before choosing a system. Of course you should also check experts’ opinions out to make a better choice.

Though the number of spying systems and tools is really high and it continues to increase day by day, our professional staff has distinguished the top 3 ones. The selection is based on user reviews, experts’ opinions and ratings. Here they are:

#1 mSpy

mSpyThis powerful spying solution offers Facebook messenger monitoring, media file viewing (both sent and received ones), access to all Facebook contacts and even to the information that has been deleted. Amazing, isn’t it?

Except Facebook monitoring, this unique solution offers full control over the target phone and allows you to check every single activity from your own device. It suggests implementing such effective features and tools as:

  • GPS tracking
  • Access to Gmail accounts and all shared media
  • Call logs tracking and call recording
  • Spying on the popular messengers, including WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat and much more

You think the list of cool features is complete? Of course no! This spying software system offers other powerful features too. You can check them out by visiting mSpy’s official website.


#2 HoverWatch

hoverwatch-logoHoverWatch is another powerful spying solution used by many people worldwide and loved for its features and tools that allow monitoring Facebook accounts and having complete access to chats, however it has a drawback – currently the system works only for Android phones, and in case of using Windows PCs and Macs administrator rights are required, which makes the process a bit complicated.


#3 XnSpy

xnspy-logoThis Facebook Messenger Spy allows you to read all the Facebook chats remotely and monitor social media activities more efficiently. With XnSpy you can have access to multimedia files saved on the target phone, as well as view date, time, etc.

You can even export Facebook chat data as a spreadsheet and use it later. Seems everything is just awesome with this system, however there is a fact that disappoints many users – the system works only for Android devices.



To sum up, let’s once more mention that Facebook is just a tool to communicate and share information, and this network is not worth your suspicions and misunderstandings. To avoid these, and many other negative consequences, many powerful spying systems have been designed. Using a really good spying solution will free your mind from suspicions and negative emotions. Each of the systems mentioned above is unique and has its advantages, however we recommend mSpy because it works on all popular OS, is affordable and easy-to-use, has more powerful and effective features to do your job professionally and stay secure.

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