hoverwatch logoHoverWatch was created by Refog Inc. Company existing for more than 14 years. The app provides its users with numerous tracking solutions. It doesn’t matter who you are – a caring mom, a worried spouse, or a successful owner of a growing business – HoverWatch app will leave you completely satisfied. HoverWatch is actively used in about 200 countries all over the world. That’s a powerful and reliable application with reach solutions helping to protect your nearest and dearest and your intellectual property. Filter, monitor, prohibit.


What makes the app perfect is that it’s absolutely undetectable. No matter who you’re trying to track – an indecent employee or a misbehaving kid – the app operates in stealth mode and detecting it is absolutely impossible.

Main Android monitoring features include:

  • Tracking the location of the target device;
  • Tracking calls as well as call-recording (both incoming and outcoming);
  • Tracking instant messengers: Facebook, WhatsApp, and others;
  • Tracking SMS;
  • Automatic front camera photo feature;
  • SIM card change detecting;
  • Saving of contacts from the target device.

Main MAC spying  features include:

  • Screenshots;
  • Chat messengers recording;
  • Websites logging;
  • Stealth mode;
  • Tracking everything entered from the keyboard;
  • Tracking the activity of a number of apps.

Main Windows tracking features include:

  • Stealth mode;
  • Screenshots;
  • Keyboard logger;
  • Facebook Messenger;
  • Website logging;
  • Webcam photos;
  • Recording of Skype conversations.

If you’re willing to stop the app, you can do that remotely. You’ll be able to do it through your personalized dashboard. The app can be stopped temporarily or permanently.

chat messages spy hoverwatch


Hoverwatch support is available on the official web resource. Leave a message or explain your problem to one of the specialists available. You’ll get an immediate answer through email. If you want your money back for the service that hasn’t helped you, contact the operators directly – if there’s something wrong with Hoverwatch, you’ll get a full refund.


Hoverwatch has been installed on more than 12 million devices.

You use this app absolutely for free during the first week and only then decide if you want to buy it.

The minimum subscription price is €8.33 per month. One month of personal subscription costs €19.95 a month and a year personal subscription costs €99.95. A family subscription plan costs €39.95 for a month and €199.95 for a year. Pay attention that a family subscription is supposed to be used for five devices saving up to 60%.


Hoverwatch is compatible with Android phones, Mac, and Windows. Whenever you need to install it, remember, that the spy app requires rooting for Androids. 

How Can I Get It?

  1. Sign Up for free. Use your email and create a password on your own;

  2. Get your devices ready. Download Hoverwatch mobile tracker using your account (don’t forget to check the requirements on the official website of the application);

  3. If everything’s ok, start tracking and get info about SMS, Calls, GPS, Media, and other things through your personal Hoverwatch account. The app is controlled through any browser you use – no matter if it’s a PC or a tablet.

    hoverwatch setup

Is It Legal?

Don’t forget to check your local laws and your government’s attitude to the things you’re going to do from the legal point of view. Monitoring is illegal in some countries. If you install this software on someone’s device, you should remember, that in case you offend someone you’ll be the only one to be blamed for that, because you’ve made it on your own. Remember, that if you’re trying to install Hoverwatch on the devices of your employees, they should be informed about that. If it’s your kid you’re watching, you’re legally right, because devices your kid owns belong to you. Spying on your spouse is actually illegal. What you do is your personal responsibility.

Refund Policy

Get your money back if Hoverwatch hasn’t satisfied your needs. Everything is legal, and you’ll never be disappointed.

Pros & Cons of Hoverwatch

Pros of Hoverwatch:

  • It gives the possibility to record all types of calls;
  • It saves all text entered and every single letter typed;
  • Hoverwatch is absolutely undetectable. It’s perfect for accurate monitoring.
  • It gives a chance to make and save screenshots of the device at any time you need.

Cons of Hoverwatch:

  • Only direct installation is possible – no remote installation;
  • Works on Android Phones only, can not be used for iPhones

Bottom Line

HoverWatch is one of the simplest apps ready to satisfy the needs of all customers. It’s perfect for caring parents, successful businessmen, and worried spouses. It’s not only about basic SMS and calls tracking. You’ll get a chance to spy on GPS locations, instant messengers, and activity on the internet. You’ll also get access to various types of media on the target device altogether with calendar events and contacts. When you choose Hoverwatch you get stability.

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  1. Sue

    One time we were close to divorce with my husband because he told me he is at home but Viber showed another location. Just talking with our neighbors I realized that he told me the truth that time. It was a simple technical mistake. Hope this app doesn’t make such mistakes.



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