For a reason, Telegram is considered to be one of the well-protected programs from outer hacking.

The manufacturer has introduced a special encrypting technology to back-up the information within the system.

Since the solution has become a powerful source of information, a lot of ill-minded individuals try to use its benefits for their own deceptive motives.

To avoid any issues and protect the surrounding, people try to figure out whether it is possible to hack Telegram. Stay tuned to find out the truth!

How to hack someone's Telegram with mobile spy app

Is It Possible to Hack Telegram?

Apart from information encryption, Telegram enables users to protect their IM’s account with the help of the following methods:

  • Two-factor authentication — to enter the application, you will have to insert the code received in SMS.

  • Create a separate password for Telegram.

  • The system allows users to track the place from which the last “entrance” was made. It also informs the main user if someone has reached the program from another location and enables them to cancel all the unknown working sessions from other platforms.

App’s Security System — Myth or Reality?

Another sort of Telegram protection for users is an opportunity to create a secret chat on the platform. Unlike common chats, you are not able to forward messages or any other information from Telegram secret chat.

Besides, the system possesses a top-notch notification system to avoid non-allowed information spread.

For instance, the main user will receive notifications if someone will try to take screenshots of this chat.

On top of that, it is possible to make information self-destruct due to a special timer.

All you need to do is to set it and let some time pass — the chosen messages will be deleted automatically, even if you aren’t online on the platform.

NB. Please note that the desktop version of the program doesn’t offer this functional feature.

At first glance, Telegram seems to be completely protected. However, that’s not the entire truth. Recently, a Singapore-based cybersecurity company called Group-IB has informed the users that hackers can get access to the accounts by “catching” SMS-codes sent to users when entering the account from another platform.

The victims used both Android and iOS devices and different telecom operators. That’s why Group-IB recommends going for all possible built-in Telegram protective measures to keep private information away from hackers.

Why Hack Telegram: Online Threatens

Unfortunately, people may have serious reasons why they need to spy on someone else’s Telegram account.

  1. Worried parents take care of their children, partners prefer monitoring their Telegram accounts to check their trustworthiness in case the spouse’s behavior is suspicious.

  2. Taking into consideration how much fake information is spread in the platform, worried parents try to create a sort of barrier for their children not to absorb the full range of viruses and negative-influencing data.

  3. A lot of terrorism groups use Telegram as one of the main platforms to spread falsified information (more details).

  4. Internet bullying and mobbing, different secret chats with ill data — these are only some reasons why people try to hack an individual’s Telegram and take control over it.

Once again let’s sum up for whom this spy application will be interesting. If you are a parent who is interested in your child’s life and wants to know if there are any problems your child has and hides; if you feel jealous of your lover and begin to ruin your relationships just because you do not know with whom and about what she or he chats in Telegram; So it is just a shortlist which can be continued.

Ways to Monitor Someone’s Telegram

A leading and simple way to monitor someone’s IM account is to use spyware. For that, you need to install a tracking solution on the target device, and Bob’s your uncle — you will have access to the person’s Telegram account and much more.

Just check out our list of top-3 applications to spy on Telegram.

Best Solutions to Hack Telegram


Unlike many other Telegram trackers, mSpy allows its followers to monitor all the IM’s contacts, messages sent, and, what is even more important, hidden chats. Besides, with such a solution you are able to find out if someone suspicious tries to reach out to your children, relatives, and friends through Telegram. The spyware gives consumers access to all the information (files, gifs, images, etc.) shared within the IM.

Apart from Telegram hacking and tracking, the solution offers the following functional opportunities:

  • Monitoring of communication applications (including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat);

  • Tracking incoming and outgoing calls and SMS;

  • Geo-Fencing;

  • Keylogger — this feature records every keystroke made by the target person (overall, the information may include messages text, browser search data, passwords, etc.);

  • Browser history;

  • Opportunity to block access to websites or selected applications.

To dive into more detailed characteristics of the app, get acquainted with the official mSpy website on the internet:

There are three easy steps for mSpy Telegram monitoring:

  1. You should purchase the app on the official website;

  2. You need to install it on your target device and set it up;

  3. You can start monitoring your target’s Telegram from any of your devices with an Internet connection.

mSpy Telegram Spy


With the help of Hoverwatch, customers are able to track the target person’s Telegram without any difficulties. You will have access to the calls made through the application, as well as messages and images sent. Apart from this up-market feature, the program can boast of the following capabilities:

  • Monitoring Snapchat, WeChat, Facebook, and other social networks.

  • Geolocation feature — you will know for sure where the person under surveillance is at the moment.

  • Front camera photo — you can set up this function to perform each time a target person unlocks the device’s screen.

  • Notification system — one of the most precious things is that you will not miss an opportunity to monitor Telegram and other programs even if a target individual replaces his SIM card. Besides, the system will inform you of the new phone number of the person.

  • Browser history — if you want to know what your friend or relative is searching for on the internet, this feature will provide you with a list of his website activities.

  • Access to the todo lists, etc.

Unfortunately, this solution has a significant drawback — it is unavailable for iPhone users and is valid for Android platforms only. At the same time, the program is compatible with Windows and Mac.

In order to get more information about the other application’s features and its pricing policy, follow the link:


Another excellent solution to spy on Telegram is FlexiSPY. With its help, customers have a great chance to track all incoming and outgoing chats in a remote and discreet manner. Unlike several other spyware programs, this one is capable of “reading” even deleted chat messages. You will be able to know who and when messages your target person, what images and gifs he sends, and other possible attachment files.

Overall, FlexiSPY is capable of monitoring Android, iPhone, and personal computers. Depending on the chosen platforms, the functional abilities may vary. In general, this spyware provides consumers with the following information:

  • Access to SMS, photos, and emails;

  • Listening to calls made in a live manner (here and now) and recording them, if necessary;

  • Tracking GPS location;

  • Monitoring social networks like LINE, Facebook, Skype, and others.

If you want to find out more about this lifesaver option, check out the link:

To sum up, there are some spy applications on the Internet that have such a feature as Telegram monitoring, but the only mSpy is recommended as the best spy software with all necessary features for comfortable and easy spying with good price and technical support.


Can I hack someone’s Telegram for free?

On the internet, there are a lot of solutions that offer free-of-payments Telegram monitoring. However, the majority of them are fake. Since this feature belongs to the up-market ones, it requires special protection measures from the spyware’s manufacturer. That means additional spendings and a more qualitative approach to the program’s development. It is changing and modernizing all the time, that’s why it cannot be free of charge. Free solutions may be viral and cause the target device’s damages.

Is it possible to install the spyware to track Telegram without access to a target phone?

A few programs offer such functional opportunities. However, the gadget has to be rooted or jailbroken for that. For more detailed information, you need to check the requirements and offers of particular spyware.

Is every spying solution undetectable?

Nobody can guarantee all the options can’t be seen on the target device. However, the applications from the Editor’s Choice section have been tested and turned out to be truly undetectable services. The icons are not shown anywhere on the device where the spyware under consideration is installed.

Telegram Spyware: To Be or Not to Be?

All in all, it may be as simple as ABC to hack Telegram. With the help of the special monitoring spyware, customers will be able to check whether their close and beloved are in complete safety, using the IM services. Choose the best option to hack Telegram and protect your family and friends!

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