Free SMS Tracker without Installing on the Target Phone

SMS is a fast and effective way not just for contacting others. These units of information are especially useful when there is no opportunity to call someone. According to the Statistic Brain data, the number of text messages sent per month has reached over 600 billion pieces.

Consumers are looking for a tool to track SMS effortlessly. It is not a Mission Impossible to find a working solution. Keep on reading this article to get a deeper insight into the topic!


SMS Spy without Access to the Target Phone: Myth or Reality?

Numerous tracking applications have been created so far. The range of possible options can be hardly underestimated. However, there is one opportunity some individuals literally dream about — to install spyware on another person’s device remotely.

For information, this opportunity isn’t a myth and can be realized.

However, to do that, some requirements have to be met. If the person under surveillance uses an Android device, then it is impossible to install such an application remotely — physical access is required here for about 10-15 minutes.

For iOS devices, you may install the SMS-tracking software without access to the target phone only if you have iCloud credentials of this device.

In the following case, you may try mSpy tool and its non-jailbroken solution for iOS devices.

A lot depends on the current platform version and the spying program you are going to install. For instance, mSpy is compatible with only rooted Android 4+ gadgets but not suitable for iOS 12. The manufacturers usually specify whether remote installation is possible. If you have to spy on a jailbroken mobile phone, then you will be benefited with a wide range of advanced tracking features.

On the contrary, if you use the spying solution without jailbreak and install it remotely, you don’t have access to all advanced spying features like: Snapchat, Facebook,  Instagram tracking, Keyword alerts, blocking access for a target user to selected websites or applications, Geolocation monitoring, etc.

To find out the details, it is necessary to learn more about a particular tracker.

Why Do People Wish to Spy on Text Messages?

Without a doubt, people are always interested in getting more about each other. However, the reasons for monitoring someone’s device may be deeper than it seems from the first sight:

  • Children’s protection — unfortunately, the internet is not only the source of useful things. Bullying, penetrators, phishing, — these threats are just the top of the iceberg of how the world net can negatively influence the kids’ mental and physical health.

  • Checking trustworthiness — of course, the numbers may differ, but a lot of people do spend several hours per day on their mobile devices (learn more by visiting the page the Guardian). These gadgets contain tons of personal information. If a spouse starts behaving weird and chats more than ever before, this is a suspicious sign. So, people prefer using the spyware to find out the truth.

Editor’s Choice: 3 Free Hidden SMS Trackers

Free trial hidden SMS trackers — it sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? There are no absolutely free spying applications, but a range of reliable and reputable brands do offer customers to test their services without any charges. In this section, we have included the most productive and beneficial SMS trackers.


hoverwatch-logo HoverWatch allows to track all incoming and outcoming SMS as well as deleted text messages.

The overall tool’s functionality is varied. The users are welcome to spy on:

  • social media,
  • calls made,
  • current geolocation of a person under surveillance,
  • and many other features.

The program is compatible with Android, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Even though Hoverwatch isn’t available for free, it offers a trial period for its followers. Besides, there are three pricing plans, so you can choose an option that suits you best. For instance, the lowest price tag is around $25 per month.

As you already know, remote installation may be possible in case of iOS platform only. The conclusion is obvious: Hoverwatch can’t be installed remotely.

For more details, feel free to visit the official page of the service provider:


IKeyMonitor-logo Unlike the previous nominee, this application differentiates with an even higher compatibility level. You can select iKeyMonitor for tracking iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows gadgets.

The functionality also impresses. Apart from access to all messages (saved and deleted), a user is enabled to get access to keystrokes logger, contacts, call and browser history, etc.

Before you subscribe to the iKeyMonitor offer, you are welcome to test the program — a free trial includes all functional opportunities of the full commercial version. The service is also distinguished with their one-month money-back guarantee.

The manufacturer offers a no-jailbroken plan, which means that  you may install the solution remotely. To dive into the product’s details, check out the link:

Highster Mobile

highster mobile logo Unlike two previous offers, this manufacturer doesn’t provide consumers with free trials. However, you just need to pay once to get access to the solution’s functionality. Apart from being a productive SMS tracker, Highster Mobile is capable of monitoring social media, iMessages, incoming and outgoing calls, as well as browser history and other features.

The service is compatible with iPhone and Android only. For each platform, the manufacturer offers unique pricing plans. For instance, you will have to pay around $30 for a basic set of functions.

Concerning remote installation, the case is similar to what mSpy and iKeyMonitor can offer. Physical access isn’t a must if you possess an Apple password and ID. However, the option of the program appearing on the device without manual settings isn’t available if there is 2FA on the device to spy on.

To check all the tool’s opportunities, follow the link:



Is it possible to monitor someone’s messages without them knowing?

The spyware technologies keep on improving and become more secure for their users. One of the important aspects of their operation is their non-detectability.

Due to the special codes, monitoring solutions can perform in a so-called hidden mode on a device. In this case, the tool’s icon will be invisible for the monitored person on their gadget. It will be undetectable for the antivirus systems as well.

Are there free SMS trackers?

Without a doubt, people are striving to find the best benefits possible. However, free offers in the field of spying solutions are just a manufacturers’ trick.

The development of qualitative monitoring tools is a resource-consuming procedure. To make it free for users means to underestimate the creators’ work.

If you have come across completely free spyware on the internet, do not hurry to download it — there is a high probability that such programs are just a fake.

Besides, there is a risk of fishing and loss of your personal data. We recommend giving your preference to the commercial version with free trials on the official sites.

Can the messages be monitored in the real-time mode?

Several progressive tracking applications provide customers with an opportunity to get access to SMS updated in the real time.

However, in this case, a lot depends on the target device’s functionality and the internet connection speed. So, there may be little delays before you read the monitored data.

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth It?

Spying solutions may provide you with tons of useful information about the target person. Thus, your main challenge is to select a qualitative SMS tracker. With our Editor’s Choice applications, you have all the power to achieve your objectives.

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