FlexiSpy Review

Flexispy-review Here is a short review about one of the top spy applications nowadays. First – why should you choose exactly FlexiSpy? The answer is easy. The label FlexiSpy guarantees quality and legality. The corporation invented this spying software in 2004. Since that time, the app has greatly changed and moderated. Many new options and functions were included besides the main ones.

Now FlexiSpy offers about 150 different tools for spying on other people’s gadgets remotely.

FlexiSpy brand has never stopped; it’s changing, modernizing, developing and growing. Now FlexiSpy is totally complete professional spying software for monitoring all mobile and Internet activity. It offers so many opportunities that you can hardly imagine.

The list of its options begins from spying on calls and messages and finishes up to looking at your target’s surroundings through his/her built-up camera. It is absolutely normal for a responsible and involved parent to control his/her child, especially a teenager: you can track your child’s calls, messages, Internet activity, GPS location and so on. This application will be useful for employers to monitor their workers during the working time and checking if they do not leak the important info about the company in SMS, IM-messages or e-mails. But I should warn you that using any spying software is considered to be some kind of an intervention in privacy. So you should remember that you cannot use the private data, received by means of a spy app, about another person against him or her.

The purpose of using FlexiSpy is quite humanistic and useful: to monitor someone’s gadget activity to prevent difficult situations, solve some problems and protect children.

FlexiSpy messenger Tracker

From the appearing of FlexiSpy on the spy software market, it was advertised as the best messenger Tracker. Still now it continues to be the great one. FlexiSpy gives you an opportunity to read another person’s messages and get the information about sender, receiver and date. By means of FlexiSpy you can see all messages from modern applications, networks and IM- messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Wechat, Line, Skype, BBM and Messages). You can read SMS, MMS and e-mails. So FlexiSpy not only has such a long list of compatible messengers, but gives you an impressing piece of functional tools which help you to get the total data about all and each text, received and sent by your target.

Other FlexiSpy options

flexispy But of course there is no reason to talk about FlexiSpy so long if it was just a good messenger tracker. This spy application has a lot of other functional features. Let’s name the most interesting of them and give little descriptions:

  • GPS location monitoring: in your control panel you can monitor where your child is at this moment, or if he/she was really at school some hours earlier.

  • Calls tracking: you can see your target’s contacts, numbers, the whole information about phone calls

  • Passwords spying: you can get any passcodes or logins of your target, it gives an access to all his/her network accounts.

  • Multimedia viewing: you can see any video, audio and image files, which your target has on his/her gadget or exchanges in network profiles.

Two more outstanding FlexiSpy features which you will like

Now it is high time to pay attention on what is absolutely unique and surprised in FlexiSpy. All tools that have been described earlier, are advertised by other spying software companies: that, if it is true or fake, is another question. FlexiSpy offers even much more:

– Camera surround recording.

This new spying function lets you see all that happens around your target and can be watched by means of built-up camera.

This tool will use your target phone’s camera and pictures all around remotely. In general this option gives you an opportunity to be as close with your child as it is possible.

– Call interception and recording. This function lets you listen to live calls and record them with the help of the target phone’s microphone. You will get not only detailed info about all incoming and outgoing calls of your beloved child but monitor the contains of these private calls and consider if there is anything to worry about.

FlexiSpy pros and contras

So here let’s mention some things about FlexiSpy which help you decide why you really should choose exactly this spying application.

As negative points one can declare its price and disability to block numbers.

FlexiSpy is a complex of thoughtfully-produced technical features, it cannot be free of charge. FlexiSpy is advertised in 2 packages: Premium and Extreme. The prices are 149 and 349 respectively. But on the official website you can click demo version to check how it works in real. It can help you to see how FlexiSpy interface looks like and this test is absolutely free.

And another minus of this spying software is impossibility to block numbers and contacts of the target. So you will know whom your kid talks to, but you cannot prohibit this communication. Also there is no option to wipe the info remotely.

And at last let’s speak about more positive features. FlexiSpy suits to all modern mobile and desktop platforms: Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

You can install FlexiSpy on non-rooted Android gadgets and work perfect.

Another positive point is 24-7 customer support. Any technical professional support is available at any time.

Also this spy app is installed easy. It takes less than 10 minutes. And you do not have to do any difficult manipulations in any phone settings. It has a simple-in-use and quite attractive control panel.

In conclusion, let’s sum all points together. In spite of its price, FlexiSpy is worth all the money it costs. It has a great specter of functional features, which make your spying easy and comfortable. You will be able to spy on someone remotely and absolutely undetected. Your target will never know about it, so you should spy only for your pacification not in harm to someone. So this app is considered to help and ease your spying and life. So if you have made a choice while reading my review – go to the official website and install FlexiSpy right now.

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