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No matter who you are – a teacher, a big boss or a caring mother – you need to do your best to protect either yourself or your nearest and dearest from slander, cheating and blackmailing. Computer Spying Software can be a big help. Today we’re going to speak about PC spyware and the way it works.

What is Computer spying software?

spying_computerThat’s a special type of application or series of applications providing you with different tracking options according to your choice. These apps help you spy on whoever you wish for and help you control and remotely monitor the activity on a desired PC. Do you think it’s illegal? But what if:

  • Your career is very important to you and you don’t want to put your plans at stake by being ignorant about the plans of your employees.

  • Your child spends too much time surfing the Net having no idea about its potential dangers and you don’t have direct access to his or her mailbox and chats to control your kid’s safety?

  • You’re a teacher who needs to monitor a large group of students and their on-line activity without being noticed?

  • You’re sure your spouse is concealing something and you don’t want to make a scene and simply try to get all the info secretly? You won’t have to explain anything if your suspicions are true.

Spy apps help you reveal the real intentions of people if direct conversations don’t work. Computer Spying Software will give you a chance to control almost all the spheres of everyday life of people.

What PC tracking functions can I get?

A basic set of options of Computer Spying Softwares is usually the same. Sets of special options depends on the certain application you choose. Let’s take mSpy PC tracking app as the example. It allows to:

  • Get screenshots at certain moments – this helps to stay informed about apps used on the target PC.

  • Get every single keystroke typed. You’ll get the text even if it was immediately deleted by the user. You’ll get messages, every word being searched, e-mails, documents and more.

  • Be informed about the time when user becomes and remains active. You’ll be able to get statistics on PC usage.

  • Be informed about the apps used. You’ll know everything about the browsers and webpages visited.

  • You’ll be able to monitor the usage of certain apps. You’ll also be aware of the time and date of installation of games and software.

    * Please, note that mSpy is now working on the improvement of this feature, it doesn’t work properly right now but when all the drawbacks are revealed you’ll get a stable and useful option.

  • Get info about all the e-mails opened in Google Chrome, Firefox and many other browsers. Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and are monitored too.

    *This feature is also in the process of improvement and updating. It’s temporarily blocked but mSpy promises to get it back soon. Only Gmail is available for tracking now.

How to choose the best computer spyware?

The choice of Computer Spying Software depends on your needs. Here are a few questions we advise you to think about before buying a certain spyware app:

  1. What do you want from this software? What so you want it to do?
  2. What are the features you need – do you need to simply track the activity or to remotely control the target PC?
  3. What is the method of installation and how is the app controlled?
  4. Is it stealth enough?
  5. Who created the app and is the maker trustworthy?
  6. What is the price and is there a possibility to get a free demo version?

Let’s have a quick look at the basic functions of most popular Computer Spying Software.

What are the greatest PC monitoring apps?


Computer spying softwaremSpy is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Gives a possibility to:

  • Read mail;
  • Track browsers activity;
  • Get keystrokes and every single letter typed (you’ll get logins, passwords and all typed personal information);
  • Track the apps (including time and date of their installation);
  • Track how long and how often each application is used;
  • Get screenshots (you can specify the interval of automatic capturing).

mSpy makers are in the process of improvement of some options, that’s why some of them are unstable yet. All the information is accessible on the main page of the app.


Mobistealth is perfect not only in tracking mobile activities – it’s one of the best approved applications to track the activity on a target PC through the control panel. Helps to:

  • Get keystrokes;
  • Get screenshots;
  • Follow chat logs in Yahoo and MSN;
  • Read mail in all popular browsers;
  • Track Skype activity.

All the information is automatically saved into your personalized Mobistealth account – you’ll have access to it whenever you need it right from the browser.

All of the Computer Spying Software is created to protect your family, interests and intellectual property. They are easy to install and become a great help in the era of digital technologies. Don’t hesitate and choose one if you feel you really need it.


  1. Kimberly says:

    I’ve recently realized that my son deals with bad guys. He is only 16, and of course, he studies and doesn’t work. First, I noticed, he bought an expensive cell phone, but that time he explained that he has got money keeping his pocket money for several months. But after that he bought new sneakers, new jacket. After seeing his new laptop I started to nervous. All the talks were useless. Neither I nor my husband knew where he got money for all those things. So my husband installed spy software on the son’s laptop and cell phone. We were checking all his activities for weeks and we were shocked when we found out the truth. Now we are trying to sort the situation out. I hope it’s not late to save our son. And I’m so thankful that such spying apps exist.

    • smstrackerapps says:

      Hello Kimberly,

      thank you for your comment. Hope you will soleve all the problems and everything will be fine with you and your family.
      Spying software is really a way out if you want to keep an eye on your teenage child.


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