How can i check someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing it?

I bet Mark Zuckerberg has never believed his college project will get so popular all over the planet. Our friends, co-workers and family are stuck in social networks and sometimes trust them more than anyone else. What if their personal life is a lot more than you think it is? You don’t want your spouse to cheat on you, you don’t want your kid to be blackmailed and you don’t want your colleagues to spoil your business affairs. So, how does it work?

Why do I need it?

Tracking Facebook messagesIt looks like you need to check someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing it if:

  • You’re a caring mother and you’re worried about your kids’ behavior – he (or she) keeps his affairs in secret, doesn’t want to talk to you and gets frustrated whenever you start a serious conversation about school or friends.

  • You’re a loving spouse, afraid of being cheated on and disgraced, but you don’t want to start an argument until you get some serious proof.

  • You’re a big boss and you run a serious business. Your colleagues look like there’s something they try to hide away from you – what if they sell your intellectual property to competitors or share your company’s plans with those willing to leave your business behind?

How does it work?

Generally, mobile spy apps offer a basic set of options:

  • SMS tracking;
  • Incoming and out coming calls tracking;
  • GPS location tracking;
  • Passwords cracking;
  • Access to phonebook, personal data and media (some of the spywares can save photos even if they were deleted immediately after the shooting);
  • Remote access and control.

There are many other special options depending on the certain app you use. Now I’m going to review two of them: FlexiSpy and TheOneSpy. So, how can you check someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing it?

Spyware, Facebook and other social networks

Tracking Facebook messagesFlexiSpy and TheOneSpy have a wide set of options. There’s a slight difference in specific options – visit the official pages of these spywares to know more. They are compatible with Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices.

All the info and data collected from the target device is going to be kept in your personal account and the control panel that you can access whenever you are using any browser and your login-password details. Now let’s learn how to check someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing it.

TheOneSpy and Facebook

Tracking Facebook with TheOneSpy is as easy as pie! Just install the app on the target device and enjoy! What do you get?

  • Tracking Facebook messages no matter where you are – you only need internet connection.
  • Reading messages when the user is offline (this way you can check someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing it).
  • Following online conversations.
  • Friends’ list checking (you can even view blocked and deleted entries).
  • Saving time and date of every conversation started.

NOTE: Remember that you’ll have to root your device if you’re going to track Facebook activity.


It’s a unique mobile tracking application capable of spying on 16 types of messengers. FlexiSpy can spy on Facebook messages on Android and iOS platforms. So, how can FlexiSpy check someone’s Facebook messages without them knowing it? It’ll give you a chance to:

  • Track private conversations and group chats. You’ll be aware of the time and date of every conversation.
  • View main profile photos of all his or her friends.
  • View all the media sent – photos, pictures, videos and voice messages.
  • View emoticons and stickers sent in messages (that’s a special FlexiSpy option).

NOTE: FlexiSpy will return you the money in case if you didn’t get what you want from the application.

Spyware you choose depends on the special options you need and the price. Visit official pages of the software to make sure. Always remember that using these apps without a legal motive can lead you to jail. Spying on your girlfriend, boyfriend or your spouse is not a legal act and it’s up to you to decide whether you really need it and will your actions be worth the risk taken.

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