How to check someone’s last activity on Skype

skype spySkype is used all over the planet and is accessible from all types of electronic devices we use for communication. It’s a lot more than a simple instant messenger. Besides, for several years Skype was impossible to track. Today we’re going to have a brief look at mSpy, TheOneSpy and SpyEra – best tracking apps with a ton of additional functions.

Who Needs a Skype Tracker?

Every parent is willing to know that his or her teen is out of danger and away from frauds and cheaters in the world of online communication. Besides, there’s such thing as bullying at school and sometimes parents have no idea how to deal with it. If you constantly monitor Skype activity, you will always have a chance to control the situation and get rid of people trying to get in contact with teens for indecent purposes.

Every owner of a successful business will be happy to track Skype calls and record Skype messages of the employees in order to preserve intellectual property and make sure the employees actually work while they’re in the office. However, you should remember that this should be negotiated before your employees start their work. That’s a good way to understand whether you can trust your future co-workers or not.

Every caring boyfriend and every worried girlfriend as well as a loving spouse is willing to preserve stable romantic and family relationship. You can spy Skype calls and track Skype messages and be always aware of what happens on the other side of your family or romantic relationship. However, remember that this type of spying is illegal. It’s legal to spy on your kid’s device or on your employees’ devices (at working hours, if it was negotiated beforehand), but it’s absolutely incorrect to spy on the other person without him or her being aware of it.

TheOneSpy – Best at Tracking Skype

Compatible with all phones and tablets no matter what OS you use. It’s got a number of useful tracking functions in addition to the basic calls and SMS tracking. Besides, TheOneSpy will help you:

  • Record Skype messages and monitor chats;
  • View contacts;
  • Spy Skype calls and record call logs;
  • Be aware of times and dates of all chats and calls;
  • Look through sent data and documents sent through Skype on the target device.

mSpy Skype Tracker

Ttrack skype 300x258hat’s an absolutely invisible application with a great number of functions that is growing with every new update. If you’re willing to track Skype activity, mSpy will allow you to:

  • Track on Skype calls and messages;
  • Track on conversations and block undesired conversations;
  • View and manage all date sent through Skype.

Besides, everything is recorded into your personal account where you can get access to it any time you need.

SpyEra Skype Tracker

One of the most powerful apps in the world of tracking applications. It’s undetectable, stuffed with a ton of modern technologies and multiple useful options.

SpyEra is perfect for tracking and recording chats and conversations from multiple instant messengers including Skype. Stickers, statuses, profiles, sent media, messages and calls. Besides, SpyEra allows to remotely delete applications and change their settings.

Bottom Line

There’s always a way out if you desperately need to track Skype activity on a certain device. The apps listed above can help you with it. However, you should always act according to the law and pay attention to the compatibility of the apps with the device you’re willing to track. Moreover, mSpy, SpyEra and TheOneSpy demand jailbreaking or rooting before the direct installation.

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