Infidelity, cheating, adultery are all words meaning the same being unfaithful or having an affair. Such a violation of a couple’s agreement leads to ruining of relationships, mistrusting and even divorce.

Cheating has been a problem from the beginning of recorded human history. And it is still one of the main reasons why people end their relationship. However, modern world with all its mobile devices brings even more ways to cheat.

In the digital era with people constantly using messengers and social networks to communicate with each other it has become much harder to catch a dishonest partner.

So how to find out if your partner is cheating on you using Facebook? Let’s move on to find out the possible reasons, signs and methods to check that.

A girlfriend cheating on Facebook

Online cheating

There are still some doubts concerning whether chatting online may be considered as a real cheating or not. Statistic of one survey says that more than 60% of interviewees reckon that actions online are not infidelity. However, looking at it from the moral side of action, romantic connection with another person either online or not without partner’s awareness is still cheating.

3 Signs, showing that the person may be cheating

Secret accounts on social media

Partner may be hiding their activity in social media via making their account secure so no unwilling people may see what they are doing there. Also it may work not only with account, but also with some hidden data, such as contacts.

Digital trail

Browser history and any bills like payment for subscriptions for any special websites or services may say a lot about the partner’s online activity. Finding deleted browser history on partner’s device is also worth attention since they may have something to hide.


While suspecting a partner in online cheating it is necessary to pay attention to such details as their behavior. If they get nervous around you or they have an addiction to instantly answering all notifications. These signs may give you a reason to double check them.

Catch Facebook Cheater

3 Possible reasons for online cheating

  • Illusion of privacy and the world of fantasies may absorb a person who has some insecurities or unfulfillment in the real life. Online life may seem brighter and it doesn’t need so much effort unlike the offline one.

  • Availability of people online makes it much easier to communicate. Person may not have enough of interaction with his partner and in order not to feel alone they find someone in the net.

  • Illusion of easy escape.

    Sometimes people think that online world is a huge mess where it is impossible to find clues and thus they cannot be caught, however, they are mistaken.

The best ways to catch a cheating partner on Facebook

How to catch a Facebook cheater?

4 simplest ways to catch cheaters

The simplest ways to catch online cheaters are the ones that do not require applying any special technologies and they are suitable for more trustworthy relationships or for those whose suspicions are not that serious. They include such ways, as:

  1. directly asking the partner or the possible 3rd person involved in the situation,

  2. checking partner’s devices,

  3. observing their behavior (scientists say that the majority of cheaters has common traits such as narcissism, jealousy, thrill-seeking, always needing more),

  4. paying attention on partners’ habits, especially how soon they respond messages or what they value more – online or offline life.

More profound ways to catch cheaters

More profound ways of catching online cheaters include interaction with some technologies. They are aimed at cheaters exposure and contain secret methods of online spying.

Evidence from Facebook that the partner cheats

How to check partner’s messages on Facebook?

There are various apps and software created specifically for this purpose. For instance, mSpy provides an opportunity to get access to partners Facebook messenger without being detected since the app is totally secure. All data such as time of chats, phone numbers and names they are chatting with will be given as a report. Additionally, it has a feature of spying on the browser history.

How to monitor partner’s activity on Facebook?

Observe such details as who are the friends of the partner, who comments or likes their posts and what is more – whom they like or comment, sometimes these options can show the cheater. Also hidden friends worth paying attention. Another way is creating fake Facebook account, uploading some data there and trying to catfish the partner.

Facebook is used by 1 of 5 adults for flirting

Then you can see if the partner is open for new acquaintances and which way they behave. Or using fake account is possible to follow partners’ digital footprint, such as communities, reposts or comments on other pages, without being caught.

Worth of cheaters revelation

Statistics say that around 25% of people in the relationships cheat, it stands for on average 15% of the total amount of break ups. There are many ways to find out that somebody is cheating online, even though it is sometimes harder to understand than cheating in real life.

Nevertheless, it is always better to prevent such accidents via openly talking to each other and minding your own behavior in a relationship.

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