Top 3 best WhatsApp spying methods

Look around, friends! Nowadays so much time is spent in virtual world, so many people communicate, work, purchase, share private information by means of internet. There is no place in modern life where we do not use any gadget or mobile and computer applications. Pay attention on the way of our communication: we prefer to chat, text, write instead of real talking. That’s why a new silent way of communicating has appeared: silent unemotional texts full of unreal smiles, thoughtless jargon and a great number of secrets. Just imagine that few years ago we trusted to each other much more than now, we did not suspect and wonder: with whom our child texts so often?; why my beloved one spends so much time with his phone in his hand?; about what my employee chats on the phone? All these questions became familiar with the appearing of social networks and different messengers.

WhatsApp – What is it?

whatsapp-spy One of the most popular quick messenger is called WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a convenient application for virtual exchanging text messages, photos, videos and others. It has a great number of profiles and continues to get more and more new users. Each trendy teenager has an account here and spends the whole day just checking his/her mail and chatting with friends. WhatsApp became famous very quickly because it gives people an opportunity to communicate online, send and receive private photos, videos, GPS data and so on. The part of life or the whole life takes a reflection on the WhatsApp profile.

WhatsApp spying – Is it real?

And now imagine that you have an access to this information. Today there are so many spying softwares which can open you the secrets of your beloved ones or someone you’re interested in (for example, your business partner, employee, child, wife, husband, friend). WhatsApp spy app is known to give you all the information about your target’s incoming and outgoing messages. You can read all texting without your target suspecting about it. With the help of WhatsApp spying you, as a responsible parent, can monitor your child’s WhatsApp activity, find out if your child has problems with drugs, smoking and drinking or difficulties with frauds, strangers or sexting. You, as an involved employer, can track your workers’ texting and immediately get known about leaking of important information about your company. At any rate these apps are great helpers for tracking WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp spy apps – How much do they cost?

whatsapp-monitor Now of course you have a question – Is this spying software free of charge? The real and true answer is NO, and do not trust any internet markets which advertise spying apps for free, simply because they can not be free. Many people and technology resources are put in this difficult monitoring spy system which works remotely. But don’t be disappointed, the price for the spying software is not so high comparing with the info and result it will give you. And all good spying apps have demo versions, which have a half of functional features but quite enough for testing and checking the way of spying by yourself.

Top 3 best WhatsApp spy apps 2016

So now when you have made a decision to spy for someone, let’s take a look on the best and worthiest spying applications. There are so many of them, but trust me, having sought all of them through, you will choose only these ones. FlexiSpy, mSpy and Mobistealth! Remember these three names. They are top three best of the best spy software. They have became so popular and claimed because they have good customers history, help support, really good functional features and easy installation. But look at each of them separately.


WhatsApp-track Mspy is the best of all spying apps; it is produced by American company with 24-7 technical support, Refund guarantee and greatest functional power. By means of this app you can read all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages. It gives you an ability to see all private info of your target’s WhatsApp profile, photos, videos, GPS location and much more. Mspy is absolutely invisible, its installation takes you ten minutes, and it doesn’t need jail-breaking for Iphone. All these features make Mspy unique and stand it on the first place among such kind of software.


FlexiSpy is the second best spy application. It is as good as Mspy, but its installation needs jail-breaking or rooting. But comparing with others it is absolutely undetected. You should download it on your target’s phone and then you will get an access to the whole specter of your target’s WhatsApp account. All his/her WhatsApp messages will load in your FlexiSpy account and at any moment you can monitor and read them. Before downloading this app, check out its compatibility with your target’s phone. As Mspy, FlexiSpy can be installed on all modern mobile and desktop platforms.


Mobistealth is the third one of the best spy software. This application gives you total access to your target’s WhatsApp account, you can read all messages remotely, know with whom your target texts most of all. This app is absolutely invisible either and you can be sure that using Mobistealth you will be aware of your target’s WhatsApp life totally undetected. Also it gives an access to your target’s profile info.

As I have mentioned at the beginning: WhatsApp is a secret way of exchanging information, it makes you have suspicions and mistrust. But thanks to these spying applications. They will not let you be upset and give you all necessary WhatsApp data from your targets’ phones, you will begin to trust and know the whole truth about the people you will spy.

Go to the official websites only and try them out. Be sure you will be impressed.


  1. Monika says:

    That sounds great. I can get any information about my BF now. Just some filters could be useful. For example, I want to know what he is talking about with his sexy “just a friend” Helen, but I prefer not to read about what gifts he is going to bring for my birthday or what a romantic dinner he is planning for tonight. Or I should go to some acting classes)) Otherwise, how can I be really surprised with his surprises?

    • smstrackerapps says:

      Hello Monika,

      Could you be more specific about your tracking needs, while it is not really clear what you spying feature you are looking for.

      Kind regards

  2. Merry Sanders says:

    I’ve read somewhere, that decoding messages in WhatsApp is really worse, than we all thought it might’ve been. Far from perfect, so anyone could read messages, if the code is changed or something like this. It’s anyway careless to use this app for chatting, now I see why it’s so easy to spy with it too!

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