Android SMS spying

Nowadays probably everyone has a device with Android system inside. Even little kids like Android for its easy way of usage and attractive interface. Android is very popular among a great number of people all over the world. Let’s talk about Android SMS exchanging and ways to spy on it.

What is Android SMS spying?

Android-Spy-apps Everybody knows how to use Android gadgets: send and receive messages. So it’s very easy, but it is quite easy to spy on another person’s Android messages either.

For example, your daughter or wife has an Android smartphone and all day through she texts with someone you do not know but you are so eager to find out about what and with whom she chats.

And now imagine that her phone is some kind of transferrer of all her messages to your device: you will get all incoming and outgoing messages on your control panel without your daughter or wife knowing about it.

It is like you will have a total access to your target’s Android. So if you like this imagination and want to have Android SMS spying app, read further information.

For whom is Android SMS spy?

If you are a responsible parent, wanting to take care of your child, you need to control and monitor his or her phone, Internet activity. Today teenagers spend a half or may be more of all their free time chatting with their friends by means of their smartphones, tablets and other Android devices. And the biggest problem is to track all these chats and protect your child from Internet sexting, fraud and other dangers connected with virtual communication.

Not only parents wish to monitor their children’s sms texting but lovers and members of married couples have a dream to check their partners’ SMS boxes with Android SMS spying software. And it is absolutely natural. When you are jealous for serious reasons, here you just need a sms tracker.

Android SMS spy is thought over by busy employers who wants to monitor their workers Android devices for being sure that the co-workers do not waste working hours and do not leak important information about the company.

What are the main Android tracker functions?

Here we pay attention on the main but not all features which Android spying applications possess.

android-spyware 1) Message Tracker. Of course, the first ability which you will get, having Android SMS spying app, is SMS tracking. You will see all incoming and outgoing messages with date, time and sender/receiver data, including the text of sms.

2) Instant message Tracker. Nowadays people prefer to communicate using different chat applications that’s why it is more necessary to monitor exactly instant messages in your target’s account in Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and others. Android tracker gives you the total access to all your target’s chat apps.

3) Calls Tracker. Chatting has become popular among people nowadays, but still people prefer to talk and communicate by calling to each other. Android Tracker transfers you all information about your target’s phone activity: numbers, list of contacts, calls data: time, date and names of contacts.

4) GPS location Tracker. When you know with whom, how often and about what your child or beloved one or business partner chats and talks, the last thing you will want to know where she or he is situated. Android SMS spying software shows you on your control panel the location of your target.

Is it necessary to root your target’s device for spying?

It is important to mention that you need to take your victim’s Android device just one time for some minutes to install the spy app, for example, mSpy. To hide the icons of the spy app and get all available features you should install the application on rooted Android.

But if you don’t have an opportunity to root your target’s Android device don’t be upset. FlexiSpy, mSpy as well as Mobistealth can be installed on non-rooted devices but some features, which require root access, will be unavailable.

Mobistealth is a spy app which requires non-rooted Android and it gets the following spying functions: call-recoding, all calls tracking (with all attached info about number, time and date), messages monitoring (with all included media data, restore deleted ones), video logging, pictures and photos access, GPS tracking, Internet browser history monitoring (with all data about visited websites), applications monitoring (list of all installed apps with detailed info).

What are three greatest spying apps?

Here we describe all pros and contras of three perfect spy software for SMS tracking of Android and it is up to you to choose the best one for yourself.

Android SMS spyingFlexiSpy is one of the most perfect spying software on the Internet spy apps market. It has a plenty of spy features, great technical support. It has two versions for installation. But… Some functions are available on rooted Android devices only. The price is quite high for some categories of people. And according testing there are some date mistakes in chats monitoring.

Mobistealth is perfect for Android spying. It has compatibility with all modern platforms and a great specter of spying functions. It is absolutely undetected and does not require to root a target device. Its price is more available for common buyers. It has average speed, some percents of missed messages and sometimes does not allow to track messages on some gadgets.

mSpy is one of the best SMS Trackers. It works absolutely invisible and remotely. The installation is easy and fast as Mobistealth and FlexiSpy. It has an impressing list of spying functions either. It tracks all received and sent, even deleted messages with all attached media data. But you need physical access to the target device to install mSpy.

There are so many spy apps in Internet market. Some of them are fake, some of them are good and have positive and negative features, and some of them are the best ones for a concrete kind of spying, for example, for sms monitoring or call intercept or GPS tracking. Here we have described the best ones for all kinds of spying. You should choose the perfect app for your taste for the easiest and most useful usage. Do not forget to visit the official websites only. There you can test demo versions of these spy apps as well.


  1. Ostin says:

    I really don’t understand people who are spying their spouses, but if talking about parents, it’s normal, absolutely legal and even important to read their children’s messages or check any mobile activities. Now my daughter is 6 years old only, but when she will have her first cell phone I’ll install a spying app. But for teenagers’ parents, it’s the only one way to control kids.

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