Best tracking apps for all kinds of messengers

Modern people cannot imagine their lives without virtual communication. Written letters, sms or e-mails are not in demand nowadays. The most sought-after method of quick communication is an IM messenger chat. There are a lot of places with free wi-fi, almost everybody has Internet at home and a great number of different gadgets nearby.

IM-messengers have become popular not so long ago, but the speed with which they spread is unbelievable. Mostly 80-90 percent of all trendy men and women, teenagers and even kids have accounts in several social networks and messengers. They have a lot of virtual friends, they contact with them, make groups of different interests, they chat and discuss about everything, they comment their friends’ photos, videos, give likes and dislikes, smiles and memos.

And such kind of communication have become so pop that a lot of people cannot live a day without checking their IM-messengers.

Top chatting messangers

Top 3 favorite IM-messengers

There are so many IM-messengers that it is difficult to describe them all, but let’s mention top 3 of them which are the most popular and favorite.



It is the second application in great request for virtual chats. It has almost the same number of users as WeChat, it is greatly spread in Spain (95% of all smartphones), Brazil, South America and Indonesia. It gives the users possibility to send free text, audio, video, voice and location data. It guarantees private usage and no advertising at all.


This website  is the best-known website for chats and exchanging private information. It is still the most popular app in the USA and has probably 300 millions of registered users. People use it for sharing their news, thoughts, emotions, also for chats, texts and other activities.


This messenger is a well-known one and has 600 million registered users all over the world, every day 100 million people check their WeChat profiles. It is so famous because it gives its users web chats, video/audio chats, group chats and image/video, GPS data and audio exchanging absolutely free. People can keep in touch with their beloved ones 24 hours a day. It is so easy to take a picture and send it to your parents to inform them where and how you are.

Then we can name such apps as Line, Viber, SnapChat, Talk, ChatOn, QQ and Skype for continuation and completeness of the list Top 10 favorite IM-messengers.

They have many users either and a lot of useful features for comfortable and quick virtual communication. They have different origin countries and countries with the greatest user popularity. So you probably know quite many of them and use some. So we download them on our smartphones for communication and info exchanging. It is very easy to send messages or photos to your relative or friend, who lives in another city or country, to keep connected with your parents or beloved ones, when you cannot see them and talk.


Why people want to track IM-chats

Of course all these IM-messengers were created for good purposes. But the longer they exist, the more hacking, frauds and fake dangers appear in their usage. Parents do not become closer with their children but on the contrary children and teenagers spend so much time chatting on their messenger accounts that forget about their study, relatives and real friends.

Responsible parents become nervous if there is damage in these chats, if there is any bulling or sexting issues and internet deceivers in these harmless IM-messengers.

For business partners usage of IM-messengers has roots of mistrust and suspicions. Employers want to monitor their employees’ chats to know if they leak the important information about the company.

Many people get acquainted through such social networks and messengers and make friends and lovers. But then these apps and IM-messengers cause feelings of jealousy and distrust. When your beloved one chats hours through, you do not know with whom and what about. Of course you begin thinking of another guy and cheating; it is impossible to find out if there is something real to worry about. The only way for all these people to enclose the truth is tracking IM-messengers. It will give them an opportunity to check the list of contacts their targets chat, view the contains of all their messages and monitor other phone activities.

How people can track IM-messenger

Different spying applications come to the rescue for the people who are ready to monitor their targets’ gadgets activity. Such spy software has functional features to track the victim’s IM chats. The tracking app is installed on your target’s phone and yours. It works absolutely undetected and transfers all necessary info from your target gadget to your control panel of the official spy software website.

Your monitored person will never know about spying. The applications give you a plenty of opportunities to monitor your target phone activities and give you the total access to your ’target phone that you can get a feeling that his/her phone will become yours own.

By means of spying software you can monitor calls, messages, GPS location, image, video, audio, internet browser history, list of contacts and much more. And some of them can let you see your target surroundings and even listen the calls and record them.

The best IM-messenger Tracker

Now it is time to make short reviews of the best IM- trackers which give you the great number of abilities for spying on someone’s IM chats.

mSpy mSpy is a well-known and well-established spy app with a big quantity of spying functional features. With help of this app you will get all IM Chats of your target remotely and without your victim knowing. You will get all data of his/her IM-messengers online and will be able to monitor all your target phone activity.

Visit Site

All these apps are checked and not fake. On their official websites you can see demo versions and check how control panels look like. Such spying apps as FlexiSpy, mSpy and Mobistealth have compatibility with mostly all kinds of gadgets and desk and mobile platforms. They are guaranteed IM trackers which give you perfect remote access to your target IM chats with all messages, even deleted ones with all attached media data.

So now – go to the official websites of these three spy apps and stop worrying about your beloved ones’, workers’ IM chats. Their usage of any iM-messengers will never give you suspicions anymore.