The modern generation has become a part of the smartphone world. Adults are all worried about their kids’ safety, and they need the right tools that will help them keep their children safe.

The idea of SMS tracking is applied via certain apps that assist parents in tracking their kids’ text messaging activity. Another purpose of using spyware is monitoring partners and checking if they possibly cheat on you.

If people are seeking a way out, then these SMS trackers could be a great solution to the difficulties they are experiencing.

What is an SMS tracker?

SMS tracker is a special function of a device spying solution, which allows users to read messages on the target cell phone and learn, to whom, and when the person sent or received the texts. It enables the user to monitor contact lists, call logs, track web surfing history, and further operation details.

Although all messages were previously deleted, the user can check them with such monitoring solutions. If somebody’s a partner/spouse cheats on him and uses SMS texts to communicate with other people, the snooping app can restore that even if all their chat history was cleared from the device.

An additional vital point in app selection is its compatibility with the target’s phone. Whereas some spyware has only the Android version, others necessitate the rooting of Android or jailbreaking of iPhones.

Why would one find this feature useful?

The variety of accessible functions allows a comprehensive and efficient tracking experience.

A buyer only needs to install a special app on the victim’s device. Once installed, the tool gets access to all the personal data of the snooped person – from movements to social media interactions, with real-time records from the gadget’s microphone with a camera.

There are a few cases when SMS trackers can be handy:

  • If somebody ever questions the honesty of their kids or partners, they want to detect the truth. This is obtainable now thanks to tracker apps. One can find out the secrets, which are hidden in texts, pictures, phone calls, and further info that is hidden in the gadgets.

  • You can spy on your kids’ texting with other individuals, what they chat about, with whom and at what time, see contact lists, call logs, etc. Even if all messages were earlier deleted, you can check them with your spying solution.

  • For any parent the software will help them keep their kids away from various unsafe situations in which they may get when using their gadgets;

  • If your partner cheats on someone and uses instant messages or SMS texts to chat with other people, you can snoop on that even though all their chat history was cleared from the mobile phone.

What can you monitor with the spy app?

Spyware allows a person to track all inbox/outbox texts, SMS, MMS, record the calls and track GPS locations. It is a highly effective tool that someone can use to snoop on their offspring or spouse to know what they are engaged with online.

With the help of monitoring solutions, one can:

  1. Read SMS texts, messages in Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and further social networks, check notes, detect locations, spy on browser’s history, and on the installed apps, check viewed videos, listened audios, multimedia messages, etc.

  2. Observe all things their teens do via smartphone, check the contacts, and track visited places. The webpage pinpoints each place where one’s partner or kid made a call or used the net and the service informs the location.

Note – these programs are legal, an excellent choice for any parent or partner. A user may find compatible versions for various OS, and a program for Android can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Although parents are searching on how to read SMS, they may be interested to learn how to track all current messenger apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Snapchat, etc., because users communicate there, use some group chats and even secret conversation.

Therefore, SMS texting is not the only method of communication and it might not have all the info, as modern generations prefer to use instant messengers.

How does the SMS Tracker apps work?

Once installed, the tracking program displays all gathered data via a virtual dashboard that may be accessed from any smart gadget.

The installation process of the snooping apps is simple. As all applications provide basic instructions, users won’t have complications with the procedure. To use such a tracker, take these steps:

  1. Pick the software that you’d like to use and buy the subscription;

  2. Download and install the spyware from the official webpage on the target device that you are going to monitor;

  3. Log in to your online profile by using the credential in your installation email;

  4. Check all the activities on the target device in your online monitoring dashboard.

The trendiest SMS Tracker Apps

There is a vast selection of snooping tools, and the applications listed below are the most commonly used ones:

mSpy – this is an optimal tool with unique features. mSpy is known as the most notable spying app. It monitors all the activities on the target device. Besides, with its keylogger feature, one can record all passwords. No jailbreak is required for installation, as it works with the latest models of iOS, and Android.

uMobix – this tool effectively tracks sent and received SMS texts. All messages on the target device are saved and then forwarded to the online spying account. The possibility of monitoring screen time of the device is good to control how much time is spent with a laptop/ cell phone. This spyware works on Android phones and is compatible with iPhones.

Hoverwatch – this program is a recognized monitoring app. This secret tool spies on the gadget’s location, track calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages. It allows seeing the kid’s current location. The app functions on Mac, Android phones, and Windows PC.

FlexiSPY – the snooping app can block the contacts by deleting the links from the child’s gadget and they won’t see them again. SMS spying allows knowing the entire content of the conversations. The program enables surfing the SMS history, traces cell phone locations, and even records conversations. The app works on Android and iPhone smartphones.

Why is mSpy an optimal SMS tracker?

mSpy logomSpy is a cell phone tracking tool that provides several practical and advanced functions, which make it a front-runner on the market of monitoring software. Due to its distinguished features, our team has chosen mSpy as having optimal reliability as well as functionality.

The spyware allows its users to track diverse types of gadgets. mSpy can run on a non-jailbroken iPhone device. The app is activated as soon as a user buys a monthly or yearly subscription. After payment, the package can be installed on the preferred phone that is going to be monitored.

The installation procedure takes 10-15 minutes. The user can track any activity of the gadget: instant messages, chats, web history, and entire social media use. The tool displays the monitored device’s position on a map.


  • This spyware runs on all popular OS.
  • The program is not detectable.


  • mSpy offers a limited quantity of functions for Android models.
  • To check instant messaging applications, the Android smartphone must be rooted and iPhone should be jailbroken.


Are tracking apps effective tools?

For many users, an effective SMS tracker can be an optimal solution. Designed to be a tool that focuses on phone snooping, the spyware performs its tasks effectively.

It can additionally assist users in tracking their offspring’s actions when kids cannot withdraw from their gadgets. For spouses, it may be used to detect insincere partners.

As a result, it is better to consider options with a multifaceted tracking approach that comprises surfing history, call reports, GPS detection, and monitoring of instant messengers, like Facebook, or WhatsApp. One such progressive and must-try spy tool is mSpy.